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This encouraging message can bring you new hope and new peace.

This important message is for you personally as well as for the whole of mankind/humanity.

Your life can get better, and the world can get better!

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Do you sometimes ask yourself why there is so much evil in this world? Why there is all this suffering? And how you can live with joy in this world?

In this message I would like to tell you how evil came into this world. But also, how you can overcome it personally and get real lasting joy.

There was an angel in Heaven, above the throne of God. This angel was Satan. But Satan became proud. He decided with his own free will to rebel against God.



That is why God threw Satan out of Heaven.



However, God Himself is pure goodness, outside of Him there is no true goodness. So Satan lost the glory which he had with God. And that’s how the fall of Satan brought evil into the world.

He also deceived the first humans to rebel against God. Satan himself is eternally lost and he tries to lead the humans away from God, so that they will remain lost and not be saved.


Our mistakes, our sins – when we lie, steal, have evil thoughts or speak bad words,… All that separates us from getting in touch with God.


This sounds like a bad message for now, but it does not stop here. There is a simple answer to this problem. And this answer has a name: Jesus

Because God loves us! And He gives every human at least one chance in his life to accept this answer. This message is your chance!




First I would like to tell you who Jesus really is:

The Father in Heaven, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are God. They are three divine persons who together form the Trinity. This unity is God’s nature. This means, Jesus is eternal and almighty. And He is the Creator.

But around 2000 years ago Jesus came voluntarily as a true human into this world.






He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. He lived a life without guilt and in perfect, spiritual relationship with the Father. He showed the world how God is…

Then He died voluntarily on the Cross, on behalf of our guilt and our mistakes. On the third day He arose from the grave. And later He returned to the Father in Heaven.

Why did He do that? He went to the Cross to bear all the guilt on your behalf. So that you can be FREE from it! But you decide whether you accept this gift or not.



That means: How do you decide?

Do you accept God’s gift?
If yes, then you get saved and become a child of God!

Do you reject God’s gift?
Then you stay being lost. This also means an eternal separation from God after death, in deep darkness.

You can accept God’s gift for you RIGHT NOW! Or you can leave it in the corner and forget it… But be aware of the consequences.

Just now, today, is the moment when you can say: “Yes, Jesus, I want to give you my life!”
In the moment of your conversion to Jesus, the Holy Spirit will come into you and remain in you. Through Him you will be spiritually born again, completely new inside – and you’ll be born as a child of God into the heavenly family!

Now come with me to the Cross in prayer.

I’ll start the prayer and speak it sentence by sentence, so you can repeat it (aloud!) after me.

The following prayer is not a formula but a suggestion. You can also use your own words to invite Jesus into your life. The most important thing is your decision. But pray ALOUD, not only in thoughts. In this case your spoken prayer is a confession in front of the physical and the spiritual world.


Now I just want to believe like a child that I can get to know you. That you have paid for my sins, for my weaknesses. And that is why I give you all my guilt now.

(Name everything to Him specifically, and give it to Him!
Tell him: “Jesus, this and that was not right… in that situation I lied…” etc.)

Thank you, Jesus, that you have forgiven me! Jesus, I accept you as the guide of my life now! And I ask you to give me your Holy Spirit! Thank you that you have saved me now and that I have become your child!


If you have prayed this prayer, I would like to congratulate you! Because you will not be lost if you just gave your life to Jesus!

Also tell others about your decision for Jesus! To do that, you can also share this message.

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Now we wish you much joy and many blessings on your journey with Jesus!

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Coloured drawing of people holding hand around earth globe