Stories and Testimonies (English) – Children’s Version


On this page you can read personal stories from people who got changed through the message.

Also you can write your own testimony (as a comment). – A few lines are sufficient!

Please read:

With the publishing of your comment you allow us to use your text within the project (e.g. in an article). Your e-mail adress will not be published.

There are two testimony pages – in German and in English. If you are not German-speaking, then please write your comment below in English. 

But if you are German-speaking, then please write your comment in German on the other testimony page: 


More Stories and Testimonies:

On the following page you can write or read other testimonies about the message, e.g. sharing ideas for material of the message and much more:



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    This is an example. Just write your own personal story as a comment below:

    * Where do you live? (This is optional, you don’t have to write it)
    * How did you hear about the message? (Facebook, YouTube, friends, from a flyer,…)
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