Explanation on the Music Recording “Heavenly Sounds”

You can listen to the music recording “Heavenly Sounds” online or you can download it for free!

You can find the download files here:

In the Media Center
(There you can find the music recordings with the headline “Download the background music Heavenly Sounds”)

We have also added (in the right sidebar of the MFY website or on mobile devices below this article) the background music “Heavenly Sounds” that we published 2014, now as an audio player.

The recording is also the background music of the message in some versions of the “Message For You!”.

Here you can read more information and the interesting story behind the music recording (since 2014): More information on the recording (article)

How you can share the music recording “Heavenly Sounds” with the Message:

The audio recording is meant for leading people into an encounter with God (the music recording includes “singing in tongues”/”singing in the spirit” from the Holy Spirit, more about it in the detailed article of the music recording).

If you have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour (please first read the message) then you can receive the gift of praying in tongues and therefore receive singing in tongues from Him. More about this and how to receive praying in tongues see the article “10 Reasons for Speaking and Praying in Tongues” (see there below the article). And you can also read about it in the articles “Spirit Baptism (Detailed Version)” and “Spirit Baptism (Short Version)”.

You can share the music recording “Heavenly Sounds” together with the audio recording of the message with others.

There are many ways, for example you could share both audio files (of the music recording and of the message) on a CD or with an USB thumb drive with others etc.

Or you can share the message because the recording is also the background music of the message in some versions of the “Message For You!”.

If you don’t know the message yet then please first watch it:

Click here:
To The Message!
(There you can choose the desired language and then watch the message)

We wish you all the best!

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Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
Erklärung zur Musikaufnahme “Himmlische Klänge” (“Heavenly Sounds”)

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