Terms Of Use For “Message For You!”

We are happy that people share the material of this project.
If you want to share something, then please just respect our terms of use below. Thank you!

  • (1) You can find all material that you can use in the Media Center and in the Shops. If you want to use something from the website that is not mentioned in the Media Center, then please contact us first.
  • (2) It is (in most cases) only allowed to use the material for non-commercial purpose! You can give it away for free but it is not allowed to sell it. But in some cases we can decide that you can use it for commercial purposes. But please just ask us. For example if you want to publish something in a magazine or in another form, then please contact us first.
  • (3) Please don’t change the material! This applies for the videos, texts, pictures and everything else.
    If you want to change something for a specific reason, then please contact us first.
  • (4) If you want to share texts of this website with other persons (e.g. in an e-mail, letter etc.), then please add a link to www.message-for-you.net.
    (Exceptional case: If you want to send texts or pictures to your sponsored child, e.g. from Compassion, then please do NOT mention a weblink. Because weblinks could look like private contact information and such details are not allowed. It would be sad if your letters would not be send because of the weblinks. But you can just remove the links from MFY – for example on the colouring pages – and send them without weblinks to the child.)
  • (5) If you want to put texts (e.g. articles) from this website on your own website, then please contact us first. But you are free to use the texts of the message on your website, without asking us first.
  • (6) If you want to put pictures or YouTube-videos etc. from the project (in the Media Center, in the Shops and in the articles of the message etc.) on your website, you can do so. But the web link to our website needs to stay on the pictures and in the videos etc.
  • (7) If somebody uses our material in a negative context, we are not involved in that. We distance ourselves from every obviously offences and other violations of the law.

If we change these terms of use, then we will let you know with an article in the section “News”.

Last change: 4th November 2022

All designations for people used on this website, in documents, videos, social media channels etc. are to be understood as “male, female and diverse”.

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