Voluntary Translators Wanted!

Translators Wanted Uebersetzer gesucht

(Für deutsche Leser: siehe Erklärung zu dieser Seite unter dem Link “Übersetzer gesucht”)

We are looking for voluntary translators (m/f/d) who translate texts of the project into another language.

On the subpage of the Languages Overview of the Message you can find a list of different languages.

Some languages have a red hyperlink. These are corrected translations. For these languages we don’t need translators.

The other languages in grey and light orange still need to be either translated or corrected.

The light orange translations of the message are temporary rough translations. They have been automatically translated. The text may therefore contain errors. Please read it anyway! The rough translations are also intended for sharing. Although the rough translations are intended to be passed on, we are still looking for translators to correct them. 

The grey languages ​​do not yet have a hyperlink. For these, we still intend to publish either a rough translation or a corrected translation. We are gradually adding more grey languages. We also need translators for the grey languages.

If you have any questions about the translations, please have a look at the FAQs first:
Questions And Answers (FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions)

You can find further questions and answers and explanations on the translations on the subpage Explanation on the Languages Overview

If you have a good command of speaking another language, then feel free to contact us via e-mail:


(Please only contact us via email. Please first read the directions on our contact page.)

Please only write to us in English or German. We are not able to understand other languages.

Thanks for being interested!

Julia and Tobias Berndt


Link to the article in German (Link zum Artikel auf Deutsch):
Ehrenamtliche Übersetzer gesucht!

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