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About the Bible:

  • The Bible is a book that is very important to Christians. It is the written “Word of God” that God gave to man.
  • The first part of the Bible is called “the Old Testament” and describes the history of God with man before Jesus came into the world.
    The second part of the Bible is called “the New Testament”. It begins just before Jesus was born, describing His life and ministry, His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. The New Testament also describes the life of the first Christians over a period of about 40 years after Jesus’ ascension.
  • You should start reading the Bible in the New Testament. Preferably with one of the four gospels. Gospels are reports about the life of Jesus in which many of His words to the people were written down.
  • In the New Testament you will also find the Acts of the Apostles about the first decades of Christianity. And letters from apostles to the churches or congregations of that time. Apostles are teachers, so to speak, whom Jesus sent to the people. Most of these were His close friends when He was in the world.
  • In the Bible you will find many tips for your practical life with Jesus, also in everyday life.
  • The Bible is like a map that guides you on your way through life.
  • In the Bible you can see what God is like or what Jesus is like. You recognize God’s or Jesus’ essence, His character. And you can see what His plan is for you and for the people. You also see what His will is, i.e. how He would decide. What would Jesus do?
  • There are Bible translations that are easy to read. There are also children’s bibles with explanations and pictures. You can also find audio Bibles online.
  • If you read the Bible again and again, you will learn how to live with Jesus. You can recognize him better and better. And you will also experience how He has changed you and wants to change you even further. Because when you converted to Jesus, you received a new nature from God inwardly (or “spiritually”). As a child of God.
  • You can also share what you read in the Bible with other Christians. You can also read the Bible together.
  • God speaks through the Bible, but also through impressions such as mental or acoustically audible words, through images, visions and dreams. He can also speak to you through other people. The impressions must not contradict the written Word of God. The Bible is infallible and the standard by which we test prophetic impressions.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you read the Bible. You can hear God’s voice. And He can explain to you if you don’t understand something in the Bible.
  • If you have questions about a Bible text, ask God in prayer what that means.
  • You don’t have to understand everything right away! Just keep reading. A lot will stick with what you quickly understand. And some things will become clear to you later.
  • You can also read some sections more than once, for example one of the four gospels or one of the epistles.

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