About the Mission Organisation Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Out of a central vision, the MFY Vision, we have founded a mission organisation.

We have founded the Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt), a non-profit organisation with focus on “evangelism/mission”, a mission organisation.

Logo Envelope Message For You!Other terms are “Mission Organisation Message For You!” and “Mission Organisation MFY”.

The short form is “MFY” (pronounced as “emfy” in English or as “emmfei” in German).
When we talk about the mission organisation, we usually call it “MFY”.

At first, it was called “Project Message For You!”.

red combine harvester in field from aboveA “project” has become a “mission organisation“. At first, we never thought that we would start a mission organisation or a non-profit organisation.
A lot of things only became clear to us on the way. God has clearly shown us that it is a “mission organisation”.
By implementing the vision, the project has grown and evolved… from a tiny seed to a huge tree.
What is also interesting, is that we had the vision for Message For You! long before we knew it was going to be a mission organisation.

In the following, you will learn more about the mission organisation Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt).

We follow the Bible and the so-called “Apostolic Creed“. Here you will find our detailed statement of faith: What we believe (Statement of Faith).
The main cause (purpose) is to spread the message of the gospel with a worldwide, international and multilingual orientation.
It is also about strengthening Christians in their discipleship, for example through the work of the Holy Spirit. The focus is on spreading the message, so that Christians are supported in their own harvest work.

We are non-denominational and do NOT advertise for any sect, or for any specific church or denomination. We don’t gather members. But every Christian (without membership) can become part of this worldwide movement and actively spread the message.

You can find more in the Charter of the Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt).

You can also read the Story Behind “Message For You!”.

You can find more info on the subpages About Us and the “About” main subpage.

You can find more about the vision here: The vision of Message For You!

We have disclosed various information, data and figures about the gUG on our Transparency subpage.

The mission organisation Message For You! is:

  • christian – the message is Jesus Christ
  • charismatic – open to the work of the Holy Spirit
  • non-denominational – it is for all Christians and not just for one particular church or denomination
  • international – every country, every island and every nation shall be reached with the message
  • multilingual – the vision is the worldwide distribution of “The World’s Best Message In Your Own Language”

Besides that:

  • visionary – the entire mission organisation came forth out of the MFY Vision. Many individual steps of the foundation process and the ministry are based on impressions or visions
  • non-profit – the Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt) is recognised by the tax office as a non-profit (of general benefit) and can issue donation receipts. Find out more on our Donate page
  • transparent – ​​we are committed to disclosing various information. More on this on our Transparency subpage

The mission organisation is like a combine harvester

Red Combine HarvesterThe mission organisation respectively the website is, figuratively speaking, a combine harvester.

The combine harvester is automated and active around the clock in the worldwide harvest.

We have had different prophetic impressions about this. They have come into reality:

At nearly every hour several people from several countries are reached with the message.

This website currently reaches on average ca. 1,000 people daily from ca. over 100 countries with these pages. Increasing tendency… People can get saved (and figuratively speaking: get harvested) through the gospel.
Current status: 10th May 2024 (updated regularly, ca. monthly)
More on our Statistics page.

As the world keeps turning unstoppable, so does the combine harvester keep running unstoppable, bringing in the worldwide harvest!
(Look at the turning globe below the headline “Statistics” in the sidebar or on mobile devices below this article)

The gospel message is available on the website in different languages ​​and versions (see Languages Overview).

There are also many “landing pages” and/or “evangelistic Message Articles” in different languages. People who do not know Jesus yet can get to these pages through internet search engines. And Christians can share and forward these evangelistic articles.
These articles contain an introduction to grab the readers’ attention, and then proceed to the message (with a prayer of surrender).

You can find out more about this website here.

Why is it a “mission organisation”?

Coloured drawing of people holding hand around earth globe

We have heard from Jesus, that we shall call Message For You! a “mission organisation”.
That’s why we included that term in the Charter of the Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt).

In the harvest work, many people are reached daily with the message of the gospel, both virtually (online) and in many places (offline) through the distribution of material (by other Christians and also by ourselves). More about this on the Statistics subpage.

We also got the following insight:
The term “mission organisation” is often understood in a way that it means “to send out missionaries”.
We also send out “missionaries” through the many distributors of the MFY Trolley Coins and other material found in the Media Center and in the Shops.
It is also about strengthening and equipping Christians and supporting them in their own harvest work.

Part of the vision is to start a worldwide movement of Christians who are evangelistically active by spreading the message. This is expressed by an African proverb in the footer of this website:

“Many small people in many small places who do many small steps can change
the face of the world.”

You can also read the vision of Message For You!

What is a gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)?

The abbreviation gUG stands for “non-profit entrepreneurial company” (in German: gemeinnützige Unternehmergesellschaft). It is a non-profit organisation, the smaller version of the (non-profit) gGmbH. Nowadays, many non-profit organisations are organised as a gGmbH or as a gUG, including Christian organisations.

For us, the legal organisational form of the gUG is better suited than the “classic” registered association (e.V., registered club/society). For example, we do not want to gather any members.

We are recognised by the tax office as a non-profit organisation, in the same way a registered association (e.V.) is.  This also enables us to issue donation receipts, which you can use to deduct your donation from your taxes.

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red combine harvester in field from above

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