Before you contact us via e-mail please note:

Please only contact us via email – you can find the e-mail address on this page below. Please first read the hints.

If you want to send us a packet or a letter then please first ask us via e-mail.

Please do not send letters or packages (only by arrangement) and no private messages via social media channels such as Facebook. We cannot reply to calls on telephone or messengers, to voice messages and personal visits. We would like to process messages or inquiries centrally (i.e. in one place) via the e-mail address. This is also important because, for example, links are often sent in the answers.
This is also important so that incoming e-mails can be processed and, if necessary, answered by a specially trained e-mail team.
Therefore, please only contact us via e-mail.

Please only write us in English or German. We don’t understand other languages.

It can require 7 to 14 days on average, because we also have other (Internet) projects. Thank you for your patience.

Please note: From time to time, we take email and web breaks. This means that we are not available and e-mails will not be answered. Even if articles and posts are automatically shared/published during this time, we are not able to respond. During a break, you will find an article with the expected duration in the news feed: News

Please understand that we cannot answer every e-mail due to the volume of inquiries.

If you would like to order the MFY Trolley Coins, please do not order them from us, but directly from the manufacturer. More about this on the subpage Order The MFY Trolley Coins (with costs).

If you have a question about Message For You!, please take a look at our FAQ Page ,first.

If you have had a special experience with Message For You! or if you want to write us a testimony then please use the Testimony Pages.

If you have questions, how you can donate or support us, which are not answered on this website (see the subpages Donate and Support), then write us an e-mail.

If you have a technical question or if you have encountered a technical problem with this website then please have a look at the subpage Technical Help. If you don’t find an answer for your question or a solution for your problem then please write us, if it is related to this website.

Please note that we do not offer pastoral-counselling and that we can’t respond to prayer requests. We have compiled a list of websites where people in need or in difficult situations can find help: Link List For People In Need (Counselling, Emergency Situations etc.)

Please understand that we cannot process theological discussions and theological questions due to time constraints.

Because of frequent inquiries: We do not send out Bibles or parts of the Bible. “Message For You!” is not just about the Bible only, but the “message” is the whole gospel of Jesus Christ.

No “general” e-mails, e.g. forwarded e-mails or e-mails that are not addressed to us personally, etc. No advertising, no unsolicited entries in newsletters, circular mails, e-mail distribution lists or similar.

Please only contact us via E-MAIL.
If you want to send us a packet or a letter then please first ask us via e-mail.

E-Mail Address:

info(insert the @ here)

Please only use this e-mail address so that incoming e-mails can be processed centrally by a specially trained e-mail team and answered if necessary.

About Message For You!:

If you want to know more about Message For You!, then please see these pages:

Legal information:

Data processing notice: By sending an email to us, you thereby consent to us processing your data (email address, name, content of the email, etc.). Thereby, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.

We expressly exclude the use by third parties of all our published contact details for the purpose of advertising.


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