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Here’s an overview with questions and answers about the project:

  1. General Questions
  2. Questions About Faith
  3. Questions About Technical Issues

General Questions

Question: “What is the vision of this website?”

Answer: You can find it on this subpage: The Vision of
You also might be interested in the prophetic impressions about the Project Message For You!

You can find further information on the subpage “About“. You can read the story behind and more about this site. There you can find out how this website was created and why we put our time and effort into this project.

Question: “Are you looking for translators for the project?”

Answer: Yes. If you have a good command of speaking another language and if there is no corrected (!) translation yet available, then feel free to contact us. More about this on the page “Translators Wanted”.

Question: “How do you know if the texts (of the corrected translation) are translated correctly?”

Answer: We ask people who are known to us to translate a text or we also ask a proofreader to correct a translation.

Question: “What if a translation is not yet available in the overview?”

Answer: First option: If a translation is not yet available in the overview then you can try a temporary rough translation. More about this: Is The Translation For Your Language Not Yet Available? (Try The Temporary Rough Translation)”.
Other options: You can also subscribe to the Languages Feed (for free) to get notified when we add new translations, see info: Get notified about new languages (translations) via e-mail! (The Languages Feed)
Or you can enter your e-mail address and subscribe to our the e-mail subscription of this website. You will then be notified by email when there are new posts (in all languages).

Question: “Why are there full translations and temporary rough translations?”

Answer: There are full translations and automatic temporary rough translations of the message. With the temporary rough translations, we want to reach even more people from other countries by translating the message into additional languages.
It is important to us to reach people with the gospel. That’s why we decided to publish the individual articles of the rough translations and to link them in the languages overview.

You can read more on the sub-page: Explanation on the Temporary Rough Translations

You can find further questions and answers and explanations on the translations

You can find further questions and answers and explanations on the translations on the subpage Explanation on the Languages Overview

Question: “How can I support the project?”

Answer: You can find many support ideas on the page “Support The Project “Message For You!”.

If you would like to support us financially, you will find donation options and information on our donation subpage.

You can support us with your online shopping on the Internet (at NO additional cost) through so-called “Charity Shopping”. More on this: Support us with your online shopping

Questions About Faith

Question: “Do you represent a certain church?”

Antwort: No, we do not represent a certain church or denomination. We believe that all Christians (those who really gave their life to Jesus) are the “body of Christ”, His living church. You can see more about this on the page “Statement Of Faith”.

Question: “What can help me to grow spiritually?”

Answer: A very short and simple answer is: “Spend time with Jesus personally, interact with other Jesus followers and read the Bible.”
Of course there’s more to say about the details. That’s why we provide many articles that can be helpful for your faith on this website. Please first watch the message. You can find more questions and answers about faith (and much more on following Jesus) on the page Discipleship.

Questions About Technical Issues

Question: “The texts on this website are too small for my eyes. Is it possible to enlarge the font size?”

Answer: Yes. Click on the keys on your computer keyboard: Ctrl and +. Do this until the font size is as large as you want it to be. Click Ctrl and – to show the font size smaller. You can also click on F11 to show the website in full screen. Click again on F11 and the website will return to the normal screen.
If that doesn’t work or if the keys are not available on your keyboard, then please search in the Internet for other names for “Ctrl” and so on… By the way, the German key for Ctrl is “Strg“. You can look for example on this page from Wikipedia or see the following article with a great research: “The ultimate guide to computer keyboards around the world”.

Question: “Can I download the videos and other material from the project?”

Answer: You can find many material for non-commercial use in the Media Center.
Please also read and respect our Terms Of Use For The Project “Message For You!”.
If you want to use something that can’t be found in the Media Center, then please contact us.

Question: “The videos are not working. What could be the problem?”

Answer: Please look on this page: Technical Help (e.g. for the videos)

Question: “I saw that something (technical) is not working on the website. Should I inform you about that?”

Antwort: Yes, please tell us about the technical fault or problem so that we can correct it: Contact us please.

Questions: “How many page views (hits) and visitors has this website?”

Answer: You can see statistics, also about Message-For-You.Net, on this page Statistics. There you can also see an information about page views and visitors, e.g. the visits from certain countries.

If you have a question that isn’t mentioned here, then you can contact us via e-mail: “Contact”.

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