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Here we would like to tell you how the project started, how it evolved into a mission organisation and how it is still growing…

In January 2011 we started our ministry in the Internet with different projects about helping people to build a living relationship with God and to deepen it (to this day). Since that time we experience that the Holy Spirit can also work via Internet: People come to Jesus, get saved, get filled with the Holy Spirit (afresh or for the first time), get healed, liberated,…

In Spring 2013 I (Julia) thought about the question how we could help the newly converted people. Because of our projects, time was limited to take care of every single person. And at the same time new people came to Jesus.
During this time, Jesus gave me the assignment to create two videos: One about the salvation message and a second one about discipleship.

On 19th April 2013 I (Julia) uploaded the videos on the video platform YouTube. Note: The first videos were in German! The first title was in German: “Hast Du JESUS schon bewusst Dein Leben übergeben? (Mit Übergabegebet)” and the second title was: “Jesus eingeladen – und jetzt? (Wie es weitergeht, Nachfolge).

In March 2014, nearly 1 year after uploading the videos, I (Julia) got the prophetic impression  for this project. I asked God about it and He showed me to make translations of the two videos in as many languages as possible. I slowly realised the importance of The Great Commission of Jesus (see Mark 16, 15) to also reach the other countries (and not only our own country). With the translations, we can also reach people who are living far away from us..!
Jesus explained it to me like: “It is about giving many people a chance (to get saved).” And every person decides on his or her own free will. But every person is invited to make a decision in the message.

Out of this impression, the project “Message For You!” came into being. We then got the impression to create a (this) website.

The website

On 4th June 2014 we published this website. The most central of the website is the “Message For You!”, which you can find in different languages in the Languages Overview.

First we started with German and English. Other languages were added later (more on that below).

During that time, we have also ordered the first MFY Trolley Coins and started sharing them.

Then, shortly thereafter, I (Julia) received the “MFY Vision”, as we then called it from God.
We both have received “the MFY Vision” from God and have seen it (prophetically) in the spirit. The vision depicts the path from the start of the MFY project to the official publication in a pictorial and very detailed manner. But it also reached into the future beyond that. The MFY Vision has evolved over time, individual parts have fitted together like a mosaic.
See: The Vision behind the Project “Message For You!”

The website has kept on evolving and growing. Other versions of the message were added, e.g. a short version and a children’s version.
Different formats of the message and material about the message were also created. These are videos, audio files, text documents, images and more. These files you can download in the Media Center.

The first Children’s Version (in German) was published in 2016. For this version, I have drawn children’s pictures for the message. These are available as colouring pages for free download and as coloured pictures in the Children’s Version of the Message. There are also children’s videos of the message with the drawings.

Over time, many articles on various topics have been added, such as evangelistic message articles for sharing and discipleship articles.

We have always done evangelistic activities (outreach). Often we have distributed the MFY Trolley Coins in our area or on bike tours. We have also been (and still are) active in our other (web) projects.

On October 25th, 2021, Beagle Emma passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She was and still is the mascot of this website. And we have used her evangelistically and will continue to do so. We plan to edit and upload new photos of Beagle Emma that we haven’t published yet with texts about the message.
We encourage you to continue sharing and using the Beagle photos and other evangelistic posts with Beagle Emma.
You can read more here:
Obituary for Beagle Emma (2012 – 2021)


The Mission Organisation Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

A “project” has become a “mission organisation“. At first, we would never have thought that we would start a mission organisation or a non-profit organisation.
A lot of things only became clear to us on the way. God has clearly shown us that it is a “mission organisation”.
By implementing the vision, the project has grown and evolved… from a tiny seed to a huge tree.
What is also interesting is that we had the vision for Message For You! long before we knew it was going to be a mission organisation.
See also: About the Mission Organisation Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

On December 10th, 2021 we had our notary appointment to found the mission organisation “Message For You! gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)”. As the legal form, we have chosen the gUG (haftungsbeschränkt), a german non-profit company (limited liability) of general benefit.

On February 9th, 2022 the gUG was entered in the commercial register. The mission organisation was thus “born” as an independent legal person.

On March 14, 2022 the gUG received the notice of exemption from the tax office and was thus recognized as a non-profit organisation.

In the months that followed, we have laid further foundations. From God, we have received various online strategies for reaching a large number of people with the gospel every day.

In April 2022, shortly after Easter, we received the prophetic impression from Jesus to create rough translations of the message and to link them in the languages overview.

After that, the website has been reaching a large number of people from many different countries around the world in different languages. Through online strategies (with a focus on Internet search engines) people are directed to evangelistic landing pages where they can find the message.

We see it (figuratively speaking) as an automated combine harvester that is “active around the clock in the worldwide harvest”.
As a result, many prophetic impressions have become reality and that’s also visible in the statistics.

To be continued…


Read also the MFY Vision

Out of a central vision, the MFY Vision, we have founded the mission organisation:

The Vision behind the Project “Message For You!”



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