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Here we would like to tell you how the project started and how it is growing…

In January 2011 we started our ministry in the Internet with different projects about helping people to build a living relationship with God and to deepen it (to this day). Since that time we experience that the Holy Spirit can also work via Internet: People come to Jesus, get saved, get filled with the Holy Spirit (afresh or for the first time), get healed, liberated,…

In Spring 2013 I (Julia) thought about the question how we could help the newly converted people. Because of our projects time was limited to take care of every single person. And at the same time new people came to Jesus.
During this time He gave me the assignment to create two videos: One about the salvation message and a second one about discipleship.

On 19th April 2013 I uploaded the videos on the video platform YouTube. Note: The first videos were in German! The first title was in German: “Hast Du JESUS schon bewusst Dein Leben übergeben? (Mit Übergabegebet)” and the second title was: “Jesus eingeladen – und jetzt? (Wie es weitergeht, Nachfolge).
I wrote more about the first videos in this article: Feedback for the older video message (Article coming soon)

In March 2014, nearly 1 year after uploading the videos I got the idea for this project (but I believe this idea was not from my mind but from God). I asked God about it and He showed me to make translations of the two videos in as many languages as possible. I slowly realised the importance of The Great Commission of Jesus (see Mark 16, 15) to also reach the other countries (and not only our own country) . We can also reach people who are living far away from us..!
Jesus explained it to me like: “It is about giving people a chance (to get saved).” And every person decides on his or her own free will. But every person is invited to make a decision.

On 4th June 2014 we published this website.

From time to time more versions were added: e.g. a Short Version and a Children’s Version.

The message is not only available as videos but also as audio files, text files, pictures and more.

Find the message on this page or download the material in the Media Center.

In the Articles Archive you can also find the “Jubilee Articles”. We want to publish a “jubilee article” every year. The articles include a short review and some informative details.

In the text above we mentioned our other online projects. Here you can find a page with an overview of our websites, projects and social media channels: Our other (Web) Projects

Julia and Tobias Berndt

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