Stories and Testimonies (English)

Worship God Testimonies English MFYThis page is about personal stories (“testimonies”) from people who were touched by the message and got changed through it.

When you were touched by this website and when you have given your life to Jesus through the message, then you can write your own testimony
As a comment down below or via email. – A few lines are sufficient!

Please read:

This page is for stories and testimonies in English. For stories and testimonies in German, please use this page: Berichte und Zeugnisse (Deutsch)

There is also a testimonies page for children.

Please write a few lines:
Your testimony…
How did you hear about the message resp. the project?
Where do you live? (optional)

If you do NOT want your testimony to be published (as a comment), you can also email us via our contact page.

Your email address will not be published. You can also enter a nickname or “anonymous”. Please note that your testimony can be found via internet search engines. See also our Information about Comments.

By submitting your testimony, you agree that we may use your lines in this project (e.g. in an article, on social media or offline, etc.). Your email address will not be published. You also accept our privacy policy.

Every comment will be checked (and edited if necessary) before publishing, please be patient and wait a few days.

Please do not write comments in response to testimonies from others.

If you don’t speak English very well, maybe you can use Google Translate (or other online translators) to translate your testimony. If you speak German, use this page.

If you are a Christian and would like to share experiences, that you made while sharing the message/ material, then please use this page for your story or testimony.

But if you are German-speaking, then please write your comment in German on the other testimony page: 

Worship God Testimonies German MFY

More Stories and Testimonies:

On the following page you can write or read other testimonies about the message, e.g. sharing ideas for material of the message and much more:


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3 thoughts on “Stories and Testimonies (English)

  1. Administrator Post author

    This is an example. Just write your own personal story as a comment below:

    * Where do you live? (This is optional, you don’t have to write it)
    * How did you hear about the message? (Facebook, YouTube, friends, from a flyer,…)
    * …..

  2. Administrator Post author

    Why there are yet no testimonies:
    There are still no testimonies below this page, even though the message is reaching many people every day.
    This is because following reasons:
    On most of the articles on the MFY website, we have not yet added hyperlinks to these testimony pages. And on the pages that reach most visitors, we have not yet written specific texts asking people to leave their testimonies.
    In the future, we will add texts and links to ask for testimonies. But this is very time-consuming technically challenging.
    In addition, feedback on the Internet is generally rather rare and many people also have an inhibition about writing publicly about their own life of faith.
    But in our website statistics you can see how many people visit the articles with the message:
    On the evangelistic articles we can measure online, how many people have seen the salvation prayer or have opened the video. On average over the last 3 months, that were 178 people per day (as of the end of November 2022). This can also be seen as testimony.

    Please write your testimony here anyway.

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