Fellowship (Short Version)

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On the subject of fellowship:

  • It is also important that you have fellowship with other Christians. So that you meet, spend time together, exchange ideas, pray together etc.
  • This is symbolised by the mobile phone in the drawing. It represents connection with others.
  • If people belong to Jesus, then they have become children of God. That means God Himself is your Father. And if you all have the same father, then you are (spiritually speaking) a family. So you can meet together like a family.
  • Community is important so that you can learn from each other, help each other to live out your faith and help each other in everyday life. And that you can be there for each other. And so that you can have a good time together with God.
  • In the Bible, we read that the first Christians met in homes. That is also possible today. You can see that in the drawing.
  • A meeting can also be in a church if there is a suitable one in your area. There are often meetings of smaller groups, such as youth groups or home groups, which meet at people’s homes.
  • It is important that the other Christians also have the Bible as the basis and that they are open to the work of the Holy Spirit.

What can you do together when you have fellowship?

  • It is important that Jesus is the center of attention. It’s about him as a person! And let the Holy Spirit guide you. That is, also ask God what He would like to happen in your meeting.
  • Eating together is usually a good thing!
  • You can read the Bible together and exchange ideas about the text.
  • You can pray together and also pray for each other. So when someone has a specific prayer request. For example when someone needs God`s help in a specific area or has a need. E.g. a sickness or before an important exam etc.
  • It is important that everyone can contribute. And that everyone can contribute and not just the leaders, pastors etc.
  • Everyone can, for example, share something that he (or she) has experienced with God. Or when someone has the impulse that God wants to speak to the group, for example through a passage from the Bible or through a message from the Holy Spirit. Or when someone has received special insight (revelation) from God, for example about a passage in the Bible.
  • You can also watch a Bible film or a Christian film together.
  • In the group, you can worship God together with Christian songs or music. This is also called “praise”. There are also modern Christian songs. This can be singing and making music together if someone plays an instrument. But you can also play christian music from CD, MP3 or YouTube.
  • Maybe it will help you to play Christian music and everyone will seek and meet God on their own. You can worship God in the way that suits you, guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • Meet as often as suits you. Maybe once a week, maybe more or less often.
  • You can also meet for “normal leisure activities” and not just for “spiritual meetings”. But ask Jesus about it.
    Also ask him where you should go outside. Perhaps outside He’ll will lead you to people who you can tell about Jesus, who need your prayers, etc. The Holy Spirit can also guide you in this.

Here you will find the detailed explanations on this topic: Fellowship (detailed article)

We wish you much joy and blessings!


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