Spirit Baptism (Children’s Version)

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On the subject of Spirit baptism:

  • You can imagine your walk with Jesus as a long hike. And on a hike, you need water. We have represented this as a symbol with the water bottle.
  • The water is symbolic and figurative of the Holy Spirit that God gives to those who belong to Him.
  • The Holy Spirit is also God, but He is also a Person of His own. This is called the “Trinity”. God is three persons, the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. And yet they are one.
  • If you have given your life to Jesus, then the Holy Spirit has come into you and lives in you.
  • But you can also be filled and refreshed by the Holy Spirit again and again. It’s like drinking “living water” from God over and over again on your hike.
    And you can really feel it!
  • And then there is the so-called “baptism in the Holy Spirit” or “Spirit Baptism”. Sinde the moment when you gave your life to Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives in you. And you can let Him fill you again and again. And in addition to that you can get the baptism of the Spirit.
    Figuratively speaking, you are then bubbling over and flowing over with the “living water of the Holy Spirit”.
  • When you are baptised in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit descends on you from heaven, He comes over you, He envelops you completely. You are immersed in Him, so to speak, just like at the water baptism. But at the same time, the Holy Spirit flows powerfully out of you and through you!
  • This strength and power of the Holy Spirit can also be represented visually with the flame of fire on the head. We find that in the Bible at the first Pentecost.
  • Through the baptism in the Holy Spirit, you can release God’s supernatural power into the world. Heaven can thereby touch the earth through you. And God can intervene, also through you and through your prayer. You can use the power of the Holy Spirit to serve and help people.
  • Children too have received the same Holy Spirit as adults.
  • When people are sick, you can lay hands on them and pray in the name of Jesus for the sickness to go away. You can also pray for pain to go away.
  • When people are oppressed and weighed down by something (e.g. in their soul), then you can pray in the name of Jesus that it will go away and not come back. Through the baptism of the Spirit, Jesus gave you the power to send such oppressions away. These can be fears, depressions, nightmares, etc.
  • And then there is also “prayer in the Spirit” or “praying in tongues”, “speaking in tongues” or “praying or speaking in NEW languages” etc.
    This means (among other things) that God gives you a prayer language that you have not learned in the natural. A language which you (in most cases) cannot understand yourself, either. The Holy Spirit is giving you this language and you can speak it.
  • But praying in tongues is also a visible sign that someone has been baptised in the Spirit.
  • Here you can find an audio sample, but your praying in tongues can also sound completely different: Praying in tongues ​​Audio sample as mp3
    You can also sing in the Spirit. This is called “singing in the Spirit” or “singing in tongues”. Here you can find an audio sample: Heavenly Sounds as mp3
  • Praying in tongues is also a “secret” prayer language between you and God.
  • You may not understand it, but God understands! You pour your heart out to Him. But sometimes you also know in yourself, in your spirit, what these words mean.
  • Through the baptism of the Spirit, you can help other people, but it is also a powerful experience of God’s presence for you. It is a tangible filling with God’s spirit. God himself gives you strength and changes you positively. And speaking in tongues will help you with that.
    When praying in the spirit, you open yourself to God and “drink” from Him as if from a fresh spring.

How to receive the baptism of the Spirit:

  • It is important that you really want it, that is, that you are hungry for it.
  • You can ask God for the baptism of the Spirit. Again and again, until you receive it!
  • Or you can ask other Christians who have already been baptised in the Spirit to lay their hands on you. And that they pray for the baptism of the Spirit. The first Christians did the same.
  • A simple prayer is enough, in which you tell God that you also want to pray in tongues.
    And then just worship Him, first in your native tongue and expect that the the new prayer languages will then flow as you pray. Do not do this with pressure, but direct your focus on Jesus.
    For some people the words will flow out immediately, with others it starts with a single word or short sentence. It is also often the case that you already hear the words in your mind and then start to say them out loud. Then a “flow” can start, so that more words are flowing out.
  • Just say out loud what comes. Even if it might sound funny. Or if it’s always the same words or repeatedly the same 1-2 syllables. Speak it out and trust God to put the prayer language in your mouth.
  • You can also watch this video of prayer for Spirit baptism and to receive your prayer language:

To the video:

(External link to the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HppT3sKiztw )

(The video contains English subtitles as a translation for the German text. The subtitles can be activated or deactivated by clicking on the “Captions” icon.)

And if it takes a little longer, just hang in there! God still loves you no more and no less, whether you have received the prayer in tongues or not.

Here you will find detailed explanations on this topic: Spirit Baptism (detailed article)

We wish you much joy and blessings!

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