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Here you can find many articles about discipleship (following Jesus).
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“Discipleship” means explaining people (who have given their life to Jesus) to follow Jesus and teaching them helpful things on their journey.

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Overview of the articles about discipleship:

The 4 “steps” of discipleship from the second part of the message:

These parts are mentioned in the second part of the message. Find more about them in the following articles:



A very important part of following after Jesus is to share the gospel.


Further articles about discipleship:

Link lists about discipleship topics:

Articles about discipleship that are ONLY available in German (or not yet translated into English):

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Discipleship Articles for Children

There are also articles about discipleship for children that you can find by clicking on this link:


Discipleship Articles with Beagle Emma

There are also articles about discipleship with Beagle Emma that you can find by clicking on this link:


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