All Versions of the Message

The “Message For You!” is not only available in different languages but also in different versions and formats.

Here you can see an overview of the versions:

MFY Short Version  Short Version

The short version is a summary of part 1 and part 2 of the full length message.
It includes the short audio recording of the message but no subtitles.

Short Children’s Version

The short children’s version is a summary of part 1 and part 2 of the full length children’s version.

Children’s Version

The children’s version contains colourful drawings and the spoken message in your language (you can download the images in the Media Center. There you will find them also as colouring pages. You can find more material for children on the Children’s Page!)

MFY Subtitles Version

Subtitles Version

This version contains subtitles in your own language. So you can watch the video and at the same time read the subtitles in your language.
The version includes the full length message.

MFY Subtitles Voice-over VersionSubtitles + Voice-over Version

This version contains the subtitles and a translation of the spoken message as voice-over. So you can watch the video and listen to the message in your own language.
The version includes the full length message.

As Text Documents

You can download the message and read it on your computer or print it. The message is available in Word format and PDF format but you can also read the text online as an article.

As Audio Files

You can listen to the message online or download the audio files.

More Material Of The Message

In the Media Center you will find more material, such as the background music “Heavenly Sounds”, videos to download, pictures, flyers and more.


To the Message

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Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
Alle Versionen, in denen die Botschaft verfügbar ist

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