Explanation on the Temporary Rough Translations

In our languages overview, you will find translations or languages ​​that have hyperlinks in light orange.

The light orange translations of the message are temporary rough translations. They have been automatically translated. The text may therefore contain errors. Please read it anyway!
The rough translations are also intended for sharing. You are still welcome to share and spread these translations for non-commercial purposes!
Please note our terms of use for the “Message For You!” project.

The other translations or languages with hyperlinks in red in the languages overview are corrected translations. The translations linked in red also contain other versions of the message (videos, audio files, text documents etc.).

It is important to us to reach people with the message. We have had a clear impression to publish the individual articles of the rough translations and to link them in the languages overview.

We want to reach even more people from other countries by translating the message into additional languages.

The message is spreading worldwide and is reaching nearly all countries of the planet.

In addition, many people who speak other languages ​​or mother tongues live in the countries from which our readers come, for example in German-speaking and English-speaking countries. Our readers can use this website and our material as a tool to reach people with a migration background with the message, who live in their country.

Thanks for sharing and spreading the message!


Coloured drawing of people holding hand around earth globe


Flaggensymbol Deutschland/ Sprache DeutschLink to this article in German (Link zum Artikel auf Deutsch):
Erklärung zu den vorübergehenden Rohübersetzungen

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