Website Updates (9th July 2019)

In the last few weeks we have updated some areas of the website.

Please look at the following overview of the new and/or updated areas. Make sure that you do not miss important updates and new content (e.g. new subpages) on our website!

Here is the overview with links to the new or updated subpages or articles:

We now have a Versions Feed!

More Updates:

  • We have updated and improved the structure of the subpage Project Articles. We have splitted the project articles into two groups. In one group are the posts/ articles which are also linked in the header menu. In the other group are the posts/ articles which you can’t find in the menu.
  • New subpages (English and German): Other (Sonstiges)
    Here you can find an overview of our topic (subject area) “Other” (misc.). For example you can find miscellaneous helpful articles about other topics.
  • We have updated the navigation menu of this website. In the menu “Topics” you can now find the News and the main subpages Project and Other.
    We have also updated the Topics (Overview) and the Sitemap.
  • New subpages (English and German): Project (Projekt)
    Here you can find articles with information (e.g. the background, history and updates) about the project