Website Updates (19th July 2019)

We would like to show you some updates that we have done to the website.

Please look at the following overview of the new and/or updated areas. Make sure that you do not miss important updates and new content (e.g. new subpages) on our website!

PLEASE NOTE concerning the MFY Feeds: NOT all our articles that we have written before on the topic of the feed are linked in the comments in the feeds. There are more (sometimes older) articles that you can find on the main subpage of the topic of the feed. You find the link to that page on the very top of the feed article.
We have clarified that in all the MFY Feeds. You can find them here:
Overview of all MFY Feeds

Here is the overview with links to the new or updated subpages or articles:

  • All the subpages with the Languages Overview of the message have been improved and updated:
    (Some changes we made: mobile optimization for smartphones and tablets etc.: we have added a few explanatory texts, e.g. that the languages are in alphabetical order according to the english alphabet etc.)

  • We have linked some more of our articles on the subpage Project Articles and added them to the overview.
  • We have updated and improved the structure of the subpage: Articles with Beagle Emma
  • News in the right sidebar (in the mobile view below the article) has been changed:
    Now we have put back the link to the News Feed, like it has been before.There you can read our latest english News (new blog posts/articles) in full length on one page.
    This is how it looks (at the moment): —> Show More News <—
    On the News subpage (in the header menu above) you can find an overview of different ways how you can read all our english News (new blog posts/articles)
  • Some of our MFY Feeds have been updated. Here you can find all MFY Feeds: Overview of all MFY Feeds
  • We have updated the subpage Other Articles.
  • We have updated the subpage About This Site.
  • We have updated and improved the menu within the black “hamburger menu button” in the top right corner of the mobile view of this website. We are talking about the menu on mobile devices (e.g, smartphones, tablets etc.).
    Before we made the changes, when you would tap on a toplevel menu items (menu items WITH submenu items below it), the page of the menu item would open instead of expanding the submenu. To open/ expand the submenu you needed to tap on the small arrow symbol on the right side. This was not really user friendly on mobile devices.
    No we have changed the menu so that tapping on an item will open/ expand the submenu. If you want to open the page of the toplevel menu item, then please choose the submenu item “Overview” or “Übersicht”.

That’s it for the moment.


Jesus loves you!

You can find this and many other pictures in the Children’s Version of the message. You can find the message in the Languages Overview, where you can also find different versions of the message. On our Children’s Page you can also find the Children’s Version. There you can find and download the pictures as coloured drawings and as colouring pages.