Website Updates (22nd June 2019)

In the past few weeks we have updated some areas of the website.

Please look at the following overview of the new/updated areas. Make sure that you do not miss important updates and new content (e.g. new subpages) on our website!

Here is the overview with links to the new/updated subpages:

  • New subpages (English and German): About us (Über uns):
    On this subpage you can read more about how we see ourselves and how we see this ministry. Short: We see ourselves as a finger pointing towards Jesus.
    Please also take a look at the main subpage About (Über) with more subpages on the topic “about…”.
  • We have updated and improved the menu within the black “hamburger menu button” in the top right corner of the mobile view of this website. We are talking about the menu on mobile devices (e.g, smartphones, tablets etc.).
    What we have changed in the mobile menu:
    Some menu items have an arrow symbol to open/ expand the submenu items. We changed the submenu items, so that they will show right-aligned when you will click on the arrow. The menu structure now is more clearly ordered.
  • In the header section of this website (on the top of the page) we added a picture of a letter between the pictures of the beagle and the trolley coin. The letter contains the text  “To the Message” or “Zur Botschaft”. This picture helps the users of mobile devices (e.g, smartphones, tablets etc.) to find the message more easily. This is very important, because the right sidebar will be displayed at the very bottom of the mobile version of this page. Therefore mobile users would not see the picture “To the Message” immediately.
  • New subpages: Shops
    Englisch: Shops
    German: Shops
    Here you can find an overview of (online) shops that are related to the project
    For example you can find a link to the website of the company where you can order the  MFY Trolley Coins for yourself.


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