Website Updates (18th March 2019)

In the past few days we have updated some areas of the website.

Please look at the following overview of the new/updated areas. Make sure that you do not miss important updates and new content (e.g. new subpages) on our website!

  • At first a short reminder:
    We already wrote in the last news article about how we updated the software of this website to make it a multilingual website. At the moment, this website is available in german, english and in the multilingual version. In the last news article you can find out more about that. Here is the link to the article: Website Updates (14th March 2019)

Futher News:

Below you can find more information about some of the improvements we have done in the past few days. Some of it is closely related to the new navigation menus on this website.
Here is the overview with links to the new/ updated sub pages:

  • New or updated subpages (English and German): Help (Hilfe)
    There you can find help for different topics.
  • New or updated subpages (English and German): Technical Help (Technische Hilfen)
    Here you can find technical help for different topics, e.g. for this website, for the videos or for the audio files etc.
    Newly added: Instructions about the navigation (the menus) of this website and about the multilingual website.
  • The link to the other linklist with further websites has been linked in the footer section. You can find it at the bottom, in the so called “footer”, of this website. The linklist is simply called “Links” and has last been updated im march 2019.


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