Website Updates (14th March 2019)

In the past few months we have made some major updates of this website.

In this update we want to show you a small selection of what we did:

The topics are:

  • multi language website
  • header menu
  • improvements to mobile view
  • header

Now we want to tell you more about each of these topics:

multi language website: We updated the “software” of the Message For You website. Now you can choose the language of the website. At the moment you can choose between multilingual, english and german. You can choose your language in the menu with the flags in the top right corner of the the website in the header, in the “hamburger menu” and at the bottom of the right sidebar.
Then the website will adjust itself to the language you selected. For example, the recent News and comments and the other parts (e.g. the pictures, texts and the statistics) of the right sidebar will now be displayed in the language you selected. The website’s navigation menus will also adjust to this language. Most of these elements have only been available in english, so we translated them into german as well.
Please note: This is not to be confused with Google Translate!

header menu: In the header above you can find a navigation menu which will help you navigate through the content of this website. Please note that some menu items will have sub menu items.
The header menu is NOT visible on mobile devices (e.g. on smartphones, on tablets etc.). For navigating with your mobile device please use the black “hamburger menu button” in the top right corner of the website, it contains the header menu in a more mobile friendly version.

improvements to mobile view: We improved the mobile view of this website for visitors who use mobile devices (e.g, smartphones, tablets etc.). For example, we have optimised the mobile view of some pages and articles.  Especially we improved the mobile view of the tables in the Languages Overview and the article of the Heavenly Sounds – Loop Versions and on some other sub pages.
We also updated and improved the menu within the black “hamburger menu button” in the top right corner of the the mobile view of this website.

header: We have improved the website header for mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets etc.) and have worked on the pictures so that the pictures will adjust to the language you selected. If you click on the pictures in the header, you will now get directly to the pages in the selected language: Beagle Emma delivers the Message or Have you found or got a MFY Trolley Coin?


For us, it is very important to reach people with the world’s best message through this website. Therefore we have updated the website’s navigation to help our visitors to find the content more easily.


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