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The Christian Message in Russian

The Christian message is now also available in Russian.

We recently translated the evangelistic message into the russian language and published it on Message For You!.

The best message in the world in Russian!

Here is the link to the translation:

►►► сообщение для вас! Лучшее сообщение в мире на вашем родном языке [Russian/Русский]

The message is now available in text form. You can read the message in Russian online right in your browser.

You can forward the link to other people, e.g. via messenger, social media or email. This can be Russian-speaking people in your country or in other countries (e.g. Eastern Europe).
If you are passing the message on to people in Russia, please inform yourself about the legal restrictions on spreading the gospel there.

You can also forward the article to (e.g. Ukrainian) refugees in Germany or other countries, because they often also speak Russian. Or to reach Russian refugees with the gospel.
Especially in times like these, it is important to reach people with the good news. Right now, people need the gospel and new hope from God!

The article of the Russian translation of the message contains the short version of the evangelistic message and the detailed version. This is a complete explanation of the gospel with a formulated Russian prayer of surrender to pray, so people can easily pray the written prayer and give their life to Jesus.

It is important to us, especially in these times, to reach people from Russia and Ukraine with the gospel, the Good News. We are writing this article at the end of April 2022, and the war in Ukraine is still going on. About 2 months ago, Russia attacked Ukraine militarily. Many Christians are praying for this situation and for the people who are affected by the war.
Only God can bring true and lasting peace. And only He can bring reconciliation among peoples. Only God can forgive the guilt and sin caused by the war and by the suffering it caused in innocent people.

It is important that we pray for all the people who are affected by the war. We need to pray for both sides, including the Russians.
Especially in times like these, people need new hope and an encounter with God’s love, comfort and forgiveness.

In the text, we have inserted our colourful “Message For You!” children’s pictures. They depict central parts of the history of salvation, e.g. the Fall of Man, Jesus’ life, His crucifixion and His ascension. The Russian message of conversion explains what the Fall means and why people require a Savior and forgiveness of sins.
The message explains who Jesus Christ is, why He came into the world, and what He did for the people. The readers learn what happened on the cross (i.e. on the first Easter) and what it has to do with themselves.

The message show that people need a Saviour and that Jesus died on the cross on their behalf and thus paid for their sin(s). It also explains how to accept God’s gift and receive salvation (eternal life), i.e. how to give your life to Jesus. The conversion message also includes a prayer of surrender in Russian (sinner’s prayer).

The text also contains part 2 of the detailed message, which deals with discipleship. So it’s about how to live with Jesus Christ and follow Him. It is about the four steps of succession, which we have also presented on this page:

4 Steps on your Way with Jesus

Part 2 of the message contains explanations of Spirit baptism and also of water baptism. It also explains, why it is important to read the Bible. And it also covers the topic of fellowship with other Christians.

Here you can find the 4 steps in more detail:

Please first read (Disclaimer for automatic online translation tools):
Attention, the following translation of the message has been automatically translated. The text may therefore contain errors. It is a temporary rough translation.
But you are free to share the text for non-profit purposes!

We wish you God’s rich blessings and peace!

P.S.: Do YOU yourself already have the eternal life? Are you sure that you will spend eternity with God in heaven? Do you have 100% certainty of salvation? Have you accepted God’s gift and made Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Saviour?

If no, then please take a look at the message in English:

The World’s Best Message English!

You can find other languages in our Languages Overview.



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