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On this website you can find a page that is especially for children, a christian Children’s Page.

Are you a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, educator, teacher, kindergarten teacher, child care worker..?

For sure you can find creative ideas and material for the children here!

Now some information about the children’s page:

  • If the children doesn’t heard about Jesus or the christian message yet (the Gospel), then give them time and answer their questions. Maybe a child has a question regarding a scene or Bible history or wants to tell something. Then you can just pause the video.
  • Don’t overstrain the children. Don’t force them to the decision – let them decide for themselfes if they want to accept Jesus or not. Every human has a free will. It is about their personal decision.
  • All scenes from the videos are also available as colouring pages!
    It’s for sure a lot of fun if the children can colour the scenes for themself. While colouring, the children can think about the message and remember it better.
  • There are many more – more than 100 – colouring pages that you can download for free, print and use (for noncommercial use).
  • Do you like the material of the children’s page?
    Of course you can share it (for noncommercial use)! For example in school (in school subjects like religious education or art, Bible study group with pupils etc.), in the kindergarten, in a playgroup/children’s group, in children/kids ministry (e.g. “sunday school”, “children’s hour”, children’s church) etc….
    You can find more material in the Media Center.
    Please also note our Terms Of Use For The Project “Message For You!”.


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