Heavenly Sounds – Extended Version

ca. 55 min. [Download mp3]

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[More information on this page: Information Heavenly Sounds
Mehr Information auf dieser Seite: Information Heavenly Sounds]

This recording includes 55 Minutes of singing in the spirit with spontaneous keyboard music.

If you want to know more, read this detailed article:


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What is „Singing in Tongues“ and „Singing in the Spirit“?

Speaking and singing in tongues is a gift from the Holy Spirit. It is for everybody who gave his or her life to JESUS. This gift allows us to worship God from spirit to spirit – and to release heaven on earth.

You can get the interpretation from God, but not always. (More in the notes at the end of this article.)

Singing in the spirit means for me personally: Singing prophetic songs (eg sung prophetic impressions), and also just a singing of what you feel in the spirit: these includes single „tones“ and the like. This recording includes both: Singing in tongues and singing in the spirit.

About the making of this recording:


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Heavenly Sounds

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About the picture for this recording:

The picture that I saw at 27/11/2013:

The bride of JESUS (= this includes all Christians who have given their lives to Jesus) with raised arms, as she worships God.

About her I saw vertical – top to bottom – notes that came from heaven to earth. The notes represent the heavenly sounds which are received from heaven and released by the bride of JESUS into this world.
The 9 notes also stand for the nine months of pregnancy and symbolize a spiritual birth.
As background, I saw the photo, which I had used in another recording: “Healing Sounds of Heaven”. In that older recording I had also sung in tongues for healing. See article: “Words of Healing for you / Healing Sounds of Heaven”.

What did you experience while listening to this recording?

Did God speak to you? Did He touch you,..?
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Now I also want to ask you an important question: Did you receive JESUS as your personal saviour and invited Him into your life?

If not or if you are unsure about it, please take a look at this page: “Message For You! (Choose your language)”


God sometimes puts it on my heart to sing in tongues for people. Most in the intercession for a single person, sometimes prophetic songs. During singing in tongues I sometimes get prophetic impressions, but not always. But I realize that it causes breakthroughs in the spiritual world.
Read more in the article “What is singing in tongues?.

If you are a Christian and would like to receive the gift of speaking and singing in tongues, read this page .

More music recordings are available in the “Music Downloads” .

About Soaking: “Soaking – immersion in God’s Love

Test everything and keep what is good (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5: 20-21). The Bible is the only basis. Prophecy must be tested by the Bible and the nature of God. Learn more about this in the following articles: Are prophecies infallible?“, „What does ‘testing’ mean?” and „Handling prophetic impressions“.

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