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Tobias MFY

How I came to JESUS…

I was born on December 27th, 1978 in Hamburg.

In 1997 I had supernatural experiences with the unseen world for the first time. I began to perceive forces in nature and just knew that there is an unseen world and a power behind creation. Coming from an atheist family, I didn’t have a ready-made religious concept to explain it.
I then started with hatha yoga, read books and attended courses at the community college. There I also made my first experiences with meditation techniques. Through the techniques of shamanism I gained conscious access to the invisible world. I came into contact with spiritual beings. Gradually, more and more topics were added. Healing stones, Reiki, Tarot cards, white magic etc. and supernatural life in general.
(All these occult/ esoteric practices were wrong and not of God. I got free from these things after my decision for Jesus.)

A little later I was in an ashram for a few months. This is a kind of monastery, built on the principles of yoga, meditation, Indian spirituality and Hindu religion. There I completed my training as a yoga teacher and later as a meditation teacher. A few months later (I was in my early 20s at the time) I switched to the school in Cologne as a full-time yoga teacher. I taught yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques almost daily. I was the deputy director of the largest yoga school in Cologne and was also involved in the training of other yoga teachers.
Having experienced the supernatural world, I also wanted to live 100% for what I tasted back then. So I geared my whole life towards it. This included physical exercises, nutrition, breathing exercises, meditation, energy work and frequent visits to the invisible world.
Later, I resumed my studies in business administration. Meanwhile, I worked as a yoga teacher and also offered spiritual healing and spiritual seminars. At the time, I was becoming more involved with lightwork approaches, which further enhanced my access to the supernatural world. I wanted to transform myself spiritually and emotionally to be more like the Creator God Father and to be able to live better with Him.
(All these occult/ esoteric practices were wrong and not of God. I got free from these things after my decision for Jesus.)

But I didn’t find the lasting peace, joy, and love I was looking for. I became more and more aware of an inner teaching in the center of my being that I could not fill with anything. I was looking for the next supernatural “kick”, the next supernatural “high”, the next supernatural experience, the next dose to quench my thirst or at least take my mind off that nagging empty feeling inside. It was like there was a block of black stone in my center that no spiritual technique or self-help technique could remove.
My sense of good and evil became more and more mixed. It turned into a gray mish-mash. The clear distinction between right and wrong was lost more and more. The distinction between light and dark became more and more a collection of shades of gray where everything was relative. Relatively, but also without stopping. As a result, I went against my conscience more and more in my behavior and did things that were not right.
Over time I found less and less peace. My thoughts were very often filled with aggression. I struggled with depression and inner turmoil. My spiritual life became more and more rushed. On the one hand I was driven by something, on the other hand I was chasing something to get rid of what was driving me.

In the spring of 2008 I had an encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit that changed my life. A Christian business contact drew my attention to a live broadcast of a Christian event in the USA. I watched various videos of it on the internet. Tens of thousands of people gathered there to experience God’s presence. The power of the Holy Spirit was also felt across the screen and literally threw me to the ground several times. I couldn’t deny that there was an energy at work that I had never experienced before. The people there healed the sick with this energy in the name of Jesus Christ. People got cured of cancer, people got out of wheelchairs. Some reported that even the dead were brought back to life through prayer.
That made me curious. I just wanted that too. I wanted more of this. Although I had met Jesus in the unseen world, I did not know that He has such power and that His ground staff can heal so many sick people so easily.

So I went to see one of these ground staff in the neighboring town for a talk, a pastor. He explained it to me with a picture:
Imagine a tall company building. The boss’s office is at the top. Some people are now trying to work their way up the career ladder from the bottom to the top in order to get into the executive office. That’s how it is with all systems of spiritual practice. But through Jesus there is almost a new birth as a child of the company boss. You don’t have to struggle and you don’t have to work your way up. You are born into the family. Even as a baby you play on the carpet in front of the boss’s desk. One is born through a supernatural, new “birth” as a child and heir into the divine family community with God the Father, with Jesus Christ as a big brother and with the Holy Spirit.
And this “new birth into the divine family” stood in the corner for me like a gift package. It was mine, but I hadn’t unpacked it and claimed it as mine.
So I thought first. Until Jesus sent me a sign after 2-3 days. So I decided to unwrap my gift, give Jesus a try and walk the path with Him.

That meant I invited Jesus Christ into my life and made Him my Lord. I put my life in His hands. I invited Him and the Holy Spirit into my heart. That also means that I gave Him my past, with all my mistakes, my guilt, my shame and my disgrace. He carried all of this on the cross on my behalf, Jesus loaded my “bad karma” onto himself, so to speak, in order to make me FREE.
As a result, a spiritual rebirth happened, my spirit was recreated, a new nature came into the core of my being. My spirit and the Holy Spirit of God became one. This gave me free access to the heavenly worlds because Jesus prepared the way and opened the doors for me. I have access to the supernatural worlds in a position as son and heir of the Godhead. As a result, I have regular encounters with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit out of the knowledge that my innermost being (my spirit) and you are woven into a mystical, spiritual unity.

So much has changed as a result. I have gained security and peace. I know that God loves me unconditionally just the way I am. I got a clear distinction again between light and shadow and between good and evil. I live in an unshakeable covenant with God that could be described as marriage. My (spiritual and worldly) life has a commitment through connection with God. My life has purpose, goals, direction. I know that I will never be alone because the Holy Spirit is with me, yes He lives in me!

I experience Jesus Christ as my personal spirit guide. It’s a living relationship. He is my savior, my friend, my big brother. He is the Good Shepherd.

I bought a Bible and started reading the Gospel of John. I thought to myself, “If what is being reported here is true, then this is EXACTLY what people in esotericism, magic, occultism and New Age are looking for!”
Because the book is full of signs and wonders, it’s about the supernatural Action of God and the invisible world. It tells of how people encountered God, had experiences in heaven, and had encounters with angels. It’s full of healings of the sick. Even the dead were awakened. And these are not stories from a distant time, that still applies today!
The Bible is a living book. It is designed to lead us into spiritual experiences in the unseen world and with God. It should lead us like a door into an encounter with God. But this requires a spiritual interpretation of the words. The mind cannot grasp it, our head cannot understand it. The book only “opens” to you through the spirit. It helps us get to know God. It’s like a mirror for us to see who and what we are. It offers wisdom and guidance and helps us know right from wrong.

I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is almost incomprehensible to the human mind. On the one hand, it is a powerful force and spiritual energy. On the other hand, He is also a divine person with thoughts and feelings, i.e. an independent personality.
The experience with him is also very varied. It is as if on the one hand the Holy Spirit came into me and became a never-ending source there, but on the other hand He also meets me from the outside as a person. On the one hand, His power bubbles up in me and out of me, on the other hand, He lays himself over me from the outside, so to speak.
Many Christians have never really come to know the person and power of the Holy Spirit. Some even reject it completely.This is a great pity, because the supernatural power, the vitality and the heavenly dimension of life with Jesus are lost.

It’s not about church. Jesus is not always the focus there, nor is it about meeting God from spirit to spirit and from heart to heart. Many churches are about mechanical rituals that are somehow meant to serve a distant god somewhere out there. If the focus is on mechanically performed rituals, then it is not on experiencing the presence of God, encountering Him and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit.
But I got to know some lively church communities that are really about Jesus. Where to have an encounter with God and Heaven. Where the sick are miraculously healed and where signs and wonders happen regularly. This should be normal for all churches.

Call to the prophetic

It became more and more clear to me that my entire life is about several, special “spiritual life themes”. This is a calling that has always been within me, and it came up and unfolded as the Holy Spirit of God filled me. But it was already clearly recognizable in the things I had dealt with before and what I had been looking for before.

My central theme is the supernatural encounter with God in the invisible world. From this follows the call to lead others into their tangible and life-changing encounter with the Living God. Da means showing them how and who God is and helping them to live in a relationship with the Holy Spirit.
Visible signs follow from this relationship, such as healing from diseases and deliverance from unclean spirits. Messages of wisdom and guidance for other people also flow from this relationship.

If you were to ask me how God treats me, my answer would be:
“For me, God is the God who is always with me. Who loves and accepts me completely. He is the God who walks with me and who always has gifts from His life for me. Gifts like peace, joy, strength, love, blessings…”

And this God has called me to serve Him. In the summer of 2010 I met my wife Julia. God has called us to follow and serve Him together. The focus here is the service in the gift of prophecy, which means for people to get messages from heaven and bring them to them.

These topics are particularly important to me, it is my service for God to bring these things to the people:

  • Reconciliation with the divine family in heaven, restoration of relationship
  • Knowledge of the Heavenly Worlds
  • Living out of this Heavenly Dimension
  • Healing of physical and mental illnesses
  • Liberation from unclean spirits and curses, from addictions, depression, fears and from other bondages and bonds
  • Wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit
  • Restoration of all that Satan has destroyed

Jesus did these things in His ministry here on earth ( cf. Isaiah 61 ). He demonstrated it and said that the people who belong to him should and can do it too. That’s why I want the same for myself and I want to show others that all of this still applies to them today.

Jesus Christ paid on the cross to redeem our old burdens, to make us spiritually new and free and to bring us a new, supernatural life. He paid for heaven to come to earth, in us and through us. And I want to do my part to ensure that Jesus gets WHAT He paid for.

Would you also like to get to know JESUS ​​personally?

Perhaps you are still asking yourself: “What do I need Jesus Christ for?” You may also be wondering what the cross is all about.

Here is the message where we tell more about it. It explains why everyone needs JESUS ​​- including you… And that it is a decision that everyone has to make for themselves:

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