Happy Whitsuntide!

Happy Whitsuntide everybody!

There are often many activities at Whitsun/Pentecost Day:

Pentecostal fire, Pentecost candles, Whitsunday walk/promenade, Pentecost services, adorned ox, Pentecost games, Pentecost gifts, Pentecost stories, Pentecost songs and Pentecost hymns,… and other Pentecost/Whitsun traditions and Whitsuntide rites,…


Do you know the true meaning and true message of Whitsun and what it means for you personally?

In the message of this website you can first get to know how you can receive the Holy Spirit.
And in the second part of the message (part 2) you can get to know, amongst other topics, how you can receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit (Spirit Baptism) with the gift of speaking in tongues that also received the first Christians on Pentecost!

More about it in the message (part 1 and part 2):

There you can read (or watch or listen to) the message in another language and get to know more about the true Whitsun message!

Burning Heart On Fire


Please also see the other article in English (Link zum anderen Artikel auf Englisch): Happy Pentecost!

Link to this article in German (Link zum Artikel auf Deutsch):
Frohe Pfingsten!

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