Friday the 13th a fatal day? How it can be your lucky day!

The number 13 as a house number

The day has come again:
It’s Friday the 13th! 

To many people it is a day when they want to stay in bed. Because “Friday the 13th” is a fatal day for them.

Do you think that, too?

Well, it is just a day and a number in your calendar. But if you think it is a negative day, then you surely want to know:

“How can this be my lucky day?”

We want to suggest you the message of this website. It is about how the unlucky things came into this world. And most of all, the message is about how you can be in true luck in this world! And it is about that “luck” is more than wealth and health.
True luck is more than the absence of negative circumstances. You can be in this luck in the midst of all the storms in life. It is a luck that nobody can take away from you if you once have accepted it.

Look at the message on this page:

Message For You!
The World’s Best Message In Your Own Language

There you can read (or watch or listen to) the message in another language.

TODAY could be your lucky day! 

Morning Prayer Beagle Funny

Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
Freitag der 13. ein Unglückstag? Wie er Dein Glückstag wird!

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