Do you know the MFY Children’s Page?


Take a look at the Children’s Page (with a lot of material for free) that you can share with the Sharing Ideas for spreading the message.

There are many downloads and more material to share the message.



For example there you can find the Colouring Pages of the Message and other Colouring Pages

The Colouring Pages are also available as Coloured Drawings: Coloured Drawings of the Message and other Pictures

On this page you can find craft ideas and games, also for the colouring pages: Craft Ideas and Games for Children

And even more: You can find many more cool stuff on the Children’s Page.

Click here:

To the Children’s Page


If you don’t know the message yet then please first watch it:

Click here:
To The Message!
(There you can choose the desired language and then watch the message)

We wish you all the best!

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Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
Kennst Du die MFY-Kinderseite?