Coloured Drawings of the Message and other Pictures

The pictures are from the Children’s Version of the message. You can find it in the Languages Overview on the Children’s Page. The following pictures are in a different order than in the message.

If you want to download ALL coloured drawings at once, then download the zip files.
The zip files are folders that contain all pictures. You can either left-click on one of these download links or you can right-click on the download links and choose the download option (e.g. “save file” or “save target as”):

 ALL MFY Coloured Drawings (WF, PF, VF)  WF Coloured Drawings 1328 x 940 px
PF Coloured Drawings 7015 x 4960 px  VF Coloured Drawings 8818 x 4960 px
 To the external download page with the coloured drawings (on MediaFire)  To the external download page with more downloads (on MediaFire)
 [Download Zip File]
(File size: 121 MB)
 [Download Zip File]
(File size: 16 MB)
  [Download Zip File]
(File size: 51 MB)
 [Download Zip File]
(File size: 54 MB)
 To the external download page  To the external download page

Information about the titles of the zip files:
The file names are in English because the most people in the world understand English. Just feel free to change the file names into your language or ask a person to do this for you.

WF = Web Format,
intended for use on the Internet e.g. in blog posts, the size of the pictures is 1328 x 940 px (pixel)
PF = Print Format,
intended for printing in DIN A4 format, the size of the pictures is 7015 x 4960 px (pixel)
VF = Video Format,
intended for use in videos with 16:9 format, the size of the pictures is 8818 x 4960 px (pixel)

Information about the zip format:
If you can’t open the zip files, then you can look for more information on this page: To the page (There you can also find other technical help)

Information about the pictures:
If you can’t open or view the pictures (most of them are in png format), then you can download a free programm that you can find on this page: To the page (There you can also find other technical help)
Then you can convert the pictures into another format.

Please also read the Terms Of Use For The Project “Message For You!”.

Maybe you first want to look at the certain pictures, before you dowload them:

Coloured Drawings of the Children’s Version:
(This are the pictures of the Children’s Version of the message: “Message For You!”)

(These pictures are only preview images!
The pictures in the zip files are much larger!) 

(Click on a picture to enlarge)



Coloured Drawings with Beagle Emma:
(You can find more about Beagle Emma on the page “Beagle Emma and the World’s Best Message”)

(Click on a picture to enlarge)

Have you already seen the world’s best message?
No? Then visit this page:

Message For You!


The Coloured Drawings are also available as Colouring Pages:

On this page you can find craft ideas and games, also for the coloured drawings:


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(with more cool stuff)

Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
Bunte Zeichnungen zur Botschaft und andere Motive

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