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Compassion Organisation EnglishFirst please note:
The organisation Compassion is NOT from us. With this post we are only introducing it to you!

We support the christian charity Compassion.

You can become a sponsor of a child and help with a monthly fee of 38 $ (US, current status 2014) that the child and its family is provided (with school education, medical care and getting to know Jesus).

I (Julia) have sponsored a girl in Burkina Faso from 2009 until 2019. It was great to write encouraging letters to the child.

Feel free to send (short) texts or pictures from MFY to the child. But please do NOT mention the link to www.message-for-you.net. Because weblinks could look like private contact information and such details are not allowed. It would be sad if your letters would not be send because of the weblinks. But you can just remove the links from MFY (for example on the colouring pages) and send them without weblinks to the child.

More information:Sponsor a child with Compassion

Compassion websites in other languages and countries:

You can also embed a banner from Compassion into your website.
More about this here:



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Wir unterstützen Compassion

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