Website Updates (19th December 2019)

We would like to show you some updates that we have done to the website.

Please look at the following overview of the new and/or updated areas. Make sure that you do not miss important updates and new content (e.g. new subpages) on our website!

Here is the overview with links to the new or updated subpages or articles:

  • We have updated the navigation menu of this website. In the menu “About” you can now find the main subpage Project.
    We have also updated the About (Overview) and the Sitemap.
  • We have updated our “News” section. There you can find overviews and Feeds that will help you to find our new articles easily.
  • New subpages (English and German): Beagle Photos Beagle-Fotos
    We added these pages and put a link to them into the right sidebar with the following picture:

    Important: The right sidebar will be displayed at the very bottom of the mobile version (on mobile devices, e.g. smartphones, tablets etc.) of this page.
  • We have checked the internal (hyper) links on this website and made sure that they will link to the page or article in the corresponding languages. E.g. (links ending with “-english”) that a hyperlink on an english subpage will link to
    We have also added “-german” to some hyperlinks in german articles and subpages.
  • Some of the links/downloads in the Media Center have been updated.
  • We have added the text “Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch)” and also “Link to this page in English (Link zu dieser Seite auf Englisch)” in many articles and subpages. You can find an example of it at the bottom of this article.


That’s it for the moment.

We wish you a Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!


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Link to this article in German (Link zum Artikel auf Deutsch):
Webseiten-Updates (19. Dezember2019)

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