About the Statistics of the Globe (in the right Sidebar)

In the right sidebar (or on mobile devices below this article) you can see an animated globe. With a click on it you can see the page views of www.message-for-you.net and more statistic details.

If the globe is not displayed, then open the (external) page of the statistics: Either open the 3D Globe View or open the 24 Hours View.

Here some explanations:

  • There is separate data for page views (individual articles and subpages) and separate data for the number of visitors.
  • The white pulsing circles on the globe represent current website visitors in real-time. The red dots represent past visitors of all times since the year of origin 2014 of this website.
    (The globe is active since October 19th 2014, the website since June 4th 2014)
  • The interesting thing is that you can even see the page views of countries and even of cities. So you can see which countries got impact with the message of the website. The numbers can also be interesting for MFY Trolley Coins distributors or Flyer/Other material distributors.
    The details about cities are reasonably exact. This depends on where the responsible server of the visitors’ Internet provider is located.
  • How the statistics about countries and cities are evaluated:
    The (anonymized) IP address of your PC (or device) is registered. Of course the IP addresses are NOT public in the statistic.
  • Unfortunately, bots are also counted in the statistics. These are website visits generated by computer systems/programs/robots (bots), not by humans. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this completely. However, only a very small portion of daily website visits are caused by bots.

Privacy Policy for the use of the statistics module from revolvermaps.com
(Website Statistics – see globe/map in the sidebar on this website)

The data from Revolver Maps are processed in Germany. IP addresses are anonymized. By integrating the widget on our side, no cookies are set and stored and no IP addresses are released.

For more information on Revolver Maps, see the following link: http://www.revolvermaps.com/?target=legal#privacy

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Link to the article in German (Link zum Artikel auf Deutsch):
Über die Statistik der Weltkugel (in der rechten Seitenleiste)