The most touching Love Letter for Valentine’s Day!

To a very special person


this love letter is written for a very special person!

This love letter is especially for you!

Maybe someone has given you this letter. Or you have found it just now.

With this love letter, someone wants to tell you that you are important and that you mean a lot to Him.

This Someone wants you to know that you are loved! You are loved, even if you don’t feel like it. And you are loved, even if nobody tells you.

Has someone already told you that you are loved? Have you received a love letter from another person before?

Maybe that person told you that he or she loves you. But maybe you got disappointed because that person broke its word.

Then you certainly know the pain that makes your heart feel like broken… And certainly you also broke the letter and threw it away…

With this love letter, someone is also making a promise to you. Someone is also telling you that you are loved. And this Someone even wants to tell you:

“I love you!”

But this love letter is different, very different.
Because this Someone is one that you can really trust in, that He will keep His promise! This Someone is longing to touch your broken heart with His love – and not to destroy it more and more.

If you got this love letter or if you have just found it today, then this is certainly a sign of His love to you.

How do you respond?

Do you want to get to know this Someone? Do you want to know if you can really trust Him and if you can give you heart to Him?
Then I don’t want to keep His name secret. His name is… Jesus!

“Do you believe it?

Do you believe me?

I love you!

yours, Jesus”

Herz HeartIf you want to receive that right now, then please watch the “Message For You!” at the following page:

There you can read (or watch or listen to) the message in another language and get to know more about Jesus!

Herz Heart

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