Guidelines for sharing the MFY Trolley Coins

Please respect the guidelines on this page for sharing the MFY trolley coins.

First, what the trolley coins are about:

These trolley coins can change your life and the lives of other people forever.

Because they lead to a message that has changed the lives of billions of people.

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Guidelines for sharing the MFY Trolley Coins

We are happy if you want to share the MFY Trolley Coins. Please just respect these guidelines.

  1. The MFY Trolley Coins are made from plastic. That’s why we ask you to not leave them in the nature – expect in places where people come by (e.g. on a country road or clearly visible in a branch,…).
  2. Please don’t drop the MFY Trolley Coins repeatedly into the same post box (or similiar) of a person.
  3. Please ensure that no people, animals or objects are endangered or harmed by distributing/laying out the MFY Trolley Coins.
  4. Please respect the rights and boundaries of people.

We distance ourselves from misuse of these guidelines and (if happening) negative handling of the MFY Trolley Coins.

If we change these guidelines, we will let you know with an article in the “News”.

Last changed: 15th April 2015

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