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Africa Sun Sunset Sunrise
This is a special song for Africa.

It is healing for the land, for the continent and the countries of Africa.

Read more about the recording in this article…

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More about the recording…

On 16th January 2015 I got the impression to make this audio file.
While praying I suddenly had the impression from God to sing in tongues for Africa and to record it.

I was not sure about the language that I was singing in, if it was an african language or a heavenly one. (More about this later)
But I clearly felt that God wants to heal the land and touch the people that are living there.

While singing I saw (in my inner eyes) the African sun. It was a sunrise that started to grow and the light was shining brighter and brighter… I felt that God wants to bring his light into the darkness. The darkness represents bad human activities like drugs, crimes and so on… but also a darkness from other demonic forces (witchcraft and so on).
The sun represents JESUS, who also has the name “Sun of the Righteousness”:

But unto you that fear my name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in its wings; and ye shall go forth, and gambol as calves of the stall.
(Malachi 4, 2)

And I felt that God wants to call Africa “The land of the SON” (=Jesus), and not “The land of the sun”.
Jesus himself can and wants to heal the land. He wants to make it fruitful. He wants to destroy demonic activities in Africa. But it is an invitation from him. He calls the people to come into his light, into his presence. To worship him alone, to pray to him and to give him all the glory. To follow him with all their hearts… No turning back.

Jesus wants to heal and wash the land, with his own blood. He already did this 2000 years ago on the cross where he carried all the sins of humanity. But everybody can decide personally if he or she wants to receive this gift of forgiveness, salvation and eternal life. Have you already received this gift?

Did you receive JESUS as your personal saviour and invited him into your life?
If not or if you are unsure about it, please take a look at this page: “Message For You! (Choose your language)” 

I’m explaining more in the mentioned message (see link). Please take time to listen to it because it can change your life forever!

Best regards,
Julia Berndt

About “singing in tongues”: It is a gift from the Holy Spirit for everybody who gave his or her life to Jesus. This gift allows us to worship God from spirit to spirit – and to release heaven on earth. If you want to know more about this or if you want to listen to another longer recording, read this article: “Heavenly Sounds – New Sound For A New Time”.

Beautiful Sunset Sunrise

Link to this article in German (Link zum Artikel auf Deutsch):
“Lied für Afrika”

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