Message For You! The World’s Best Message In Your Own Language [English] (Full Length Version)

Message For You!

The World’s Best Message In Your Own Language

Part 1 (of 2): 

The following message has changed the lives of billions of people.
Why not yours also?

Please take the time to watch it. It is well worth it.

We do NOT promote any kind of sect.
With this message we want to help people to turn their lives (and the lives of their fellow human beings) to the person Jesus.

(There also available in other languages.)

In our ministry on the Internet many people write to me. And then I often ask them the following question: “Have you already consciously given your life to Jesus?” And many people respond: “Yes, of course, I pray every night.”, “I always pray before I go to sleep.”, “I speak with God very often.” Or: “Of course I believe in God.” And then they say: “Yes, of course I have given my life to Jesus.”

There are many different answers. Some also say: “Yes of course, I was baptised as a baby…”. And some people say: “Yes, Jesus is a good spiritual master/ a good person/ a good ideal…”. So there are many different answers. But these people have one thing in common: They have not consciously given their life to Jesus. They may believe in Him somehow and they may pray from time to time, but they have not yet given their life to Him.

In order to understand this, I want to explain it based on the metaphor of a marathon. The runners wait until the referee signals to start. And then they start to run. And now imagine you’re one of these runners. And you are not waiting for the starting signal but you simply start running…

And you are running and running and running… And you really put all your effort into it. You really put your entire strength into it. And you are happy because you can already see the finishing line… But the man at the finishing line says to you, “I’m sorry, I can’t hand you the winner’s medal.” And you say: “What?! Why not? I have run the race just like all the others!” And the man says to you, “Yes, but you started without waiting for the signal! Your race is invalid. Sorry, but you lost the race.”

And this is exactly the same like just believing in Jesus without giving Him your life… It is like running a marathon without waiting for the starting signal.

But Jesus wants you to arrive at the finishing line in victory. As an eternal winner and not as an eternal loser. He also wants you to actually receive the winner’s medal, so that you can be with Him for ever! And therefore you need to give your life to Jesus.

And now you might wonder what that means, to give your life to Jesus. And what’s the meaning of the “starting signal”. Therefore I would like to start by telling you exactly who Jesus is.

Who is Jesus for you?
Was He a good human? A good teacher?
Maybe you find it interesting to hear the Sermon on the Mount… Is He one of many spiritual masters? Is He on the same level as Buddha, Mohammed, etc…? Is He a founder of a religion for you? I like to tell you who Jesus REALLY is.

Who is Jesus?

The Father who is in Heaven, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are God. There are three divine Persons who together form the Trinity. This unity is God. Accordingly, Jesus is eternal and omnipotent. And He is the Creator.

But around 2000 years ago Jesus came voluntarily into this world as a true man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. He lived a life without fault and in perfect, spiritual relationship with the Father. He showed the world how God is… Then He died voluntarily on the Cross, on behalf of our guilt and our faults. On the third day He arose from the grave. And later He returned to the Father in Heaven.

Soon I’ll tell you more about the reason, why Jesus has done this – and what this will mean for you…

Jesus came into this world as a human like us. He lived just like we do. But with one great difference: He was totally pure, full of love and truth. He never lied, He always spoke only the truth. He even said of himself that He is the Truth in person! Who can make this claim? Could you say that you are the Truth in person? Or Love in person? … Jesus made these claims! And He said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!”

And then He said something absolutely crucial:
“…No one comes to the Father except through me!” And this is so important. This is what it’s all about.

So, Jesus is the One who will take you by the hand and say to you: “Accept me, and I will lead you to the Heavenly Father! I will take you into Heaven, into my kingdom!”

This is what it means to give your life to Jesus – that you (for example) say to Him: “Yes, I want that! I want to be with you always! Not only from time to time in everyday life… not only on Sundays… but always! I want you to be the guide of my life. I want you to be my Good Shepherd and that I may be your sheep that follows you. That hears your voice and really wants to live with you!”

But this message is so much deeper… And therefore I would like to show you what Jesus has done FOR YOU.

And therefore I would like to show you the Cross. On the Cross everything was decided. You might wonder: “Wasn’t that just a cruel death? What has that to do with me?”

I said before that Jesus lived full of purity, full of love. Like NO other human being! Without mistakes, without guilt. But Jesus did not come into this world to just show us how we should live. But also, in order to die for us on the Cross. Because we, you and I, all of us, we always make mistakes. We are not perfect. But Jesus came to us as a perfect human! Jesus is perfect! But our mistakes, our sins – when we lie, steal, when we have evil thoughts or speak bad words,… all that separates us from getting in touch with God. It is like something that came between us and God. And it has become worse and worse…

And Jesus can re-establish this contact! He wants to take you by the hand and tell you: “Come, I will surely bring you back to where you really belong, into your heavenly home!” He does not want you to be lost. The guilt will separate you forever from God. If you don’t take it to the Cross. Maybe you think: “But I’m actually a good person..?! I don’t have any guilt?!” But just think about when you lied… when you have not told the truth.

Now I want to tell you how evil came into this world.

How did the guilt come into the world?

There was an angel in Heaven above the throne of God. The angel was Satan. But Satan was proud. So he decided with his own free will to rebel against God. This is why God threw Satan out of Heaven.

But God Himself is pure goodness, outside of Him there is no true goodness. So Satan lost the glory that he had with God. Because he had decided for evil. And so with his fall Satan brought evil into the world. He also deceived the first humans to rebel against God, also. So they came under the rule of Satan and under the power of evil… Satan himself is eternally lost and he tries to lead the humans away from God, so that they will remain lost and not be saved.

This is why Jesus came into this world and why He is saying to us: “I want you to come back to me, so that we can have a deep friendship again!” And then He went to the Cross on your behalf: “On the Cross, I take all your guilt upon myself!”

And He also bore your emotional wounds. He has seen all this and says: “I do not want you to live in eternal sorrow! I want to give you my joy!” He has bore your sorrow, your pain, your loneliness. He sees all of that! Don’t think He wouldn’t care about you! He has taken all that to the Cross. And by that He is saying to you: “Look, I’ve already done everything for you! Please just accept it!” And He wants to give you His love. He has demonstrated His love on the Cross. He is saying: “Look at the Cross. There you’ll see how much I love you!”

This means: How do you decide?

Will you accept God’s gift? If yes, then you will be saved and become a child of God!

Will you reject God’s gift? Then you’ll be lost. This means an eternal separation from God after death, in deep darkness.

You can accept God’s gift for you RIGHT NOW! Or you can leave it in the corner and forget it…
But be aware of the consequences.

Just now, today, is the moment when you can say: “Yes, Jesus, I want to give you my life!”

What will happen in the moment of your conversion to Jesus?

In the moment of your conversion to Jesus, the Holy Spirit will come into you and remain in you.

Through Him you will be spiritually born again, completely new inside – and you’ll be born as a child of God into the heavenly family! Your so-called “Old Man” then dies spiritually with Jesus on the Cross and you will receive a new life from Him. In this way you will get a completely new identity – from being a begging street-child to a King’s Kid!

As a child of God you can then live by the power of the Holy Spirit – and you no longer have to live under the dominion of evil! (But you will still have your free will) And by that Jesus also gives you His power to rescue other people out of the hand of Satan!

Now come with me to the cross in prayer together.

I’ll start the prayer and speak it sentence by sentence, so you can repeat it (aloud!) after me.

The following prayer is not a formula but a proposal. You can also use your own words to invite Jesus into your life. The most important thing is your decision. Jesus looks at your heart, He knows your real motives. But pray ALOUD, not only in thoughts. In this case your spoken prayer is a confession in front of the physical and the spiritual world.


now I will just believe like a child that I can know you. That you have paid for my sins, for my weaknesses. And therefore I give you everything that is weighing me down, and everything that I carry around with me. I give you everything, that I’ve done wrong so far.

(Name everything to Him specifically, and give it to Him! Tell him: “Jesus, this and that was not right…in that situation I lied…” etc.
While you are giving all that to Him, His blood covers all the guilt. His blood is covering you.)

Thank you, Jesus, that you have forgiven me! Thank you that you have made me clean! Jesus, I accept you as the guide of my life now! As my Saviour! And I ask you: Come into my life! And I ask you to give me your Holy Spirit! Fill me with your Holy Spirit! Thank you that you have saved me now and that I have become your child!


If you have prayed this prayer, I would like to congratulate you! Because then you have become an eternal winner. Then you have waited for the “starting signal” and then you started running. Your “race” is now valid!

Now I want to share the verse from John 3:16 with you: “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

This means that you will not be lost if you have just now given your life to Jesus! Now it is absolutely certain, now you can have full assurance of your salvation. This full assurance of your salvation means that you can be 100% certain that you will enter into Heaven. And this is not because of your own performance, but because you have accepted what Jesus did on the Cross on your behalf! Therefore, now you are saved. – By God’s grace. Because you have accepted His gift.

But now it continues. Because now you just started with the journey. Now it is about following Jesus. He is the Good Shepherd and you follow Him. And what that looks like, I will tell you in the second part.

Also tell others about your decision for Jesus! To do that, you can also share this message.

Now to the second part about following Jesus…


Message For You!

The World’s Best Message In Your Own Language

Part 2

This is the second part of the best message in the world that has fundamentally changed the lives of billions of people.


(There also available in other languages.)

If you have not yet listened to or seen the first part of this message, please do it first.

Now to the second part…


The Cross is your starting point. And if you have given your life to Jesus, then you have made the right decision!

And now it continues. When you gave your life to Jesus, at that moment you (figuratively speaking) took your backpack and emptied it. In your backpack there has been lots of trash that you don’t need anymore. And you have said, “Jesus, I give it all to you!” You handed all of that to Him. And as I’ve said, there were things in it, which you don’t need anymore (e.g. guilt, emotional wounds etc.).

What Jesus wants to do now is: He wants to fill your backpack with new things!

He would like to give you things you need, such as travelling provisions for your journey in your new life.

First of all, it is very important that you have something to drink. So that you’ll not die of thirst on the way. I want to show you a water bottle with fresh, clean, healthy water as a symbol. The water symbolises the Holy Spirit. If you have given your life to Jesus, then the Holy Spirit has come into you.
Then the Holy Spirit is in you, but you can also be filled with Him over and over again. You can, so to speak, “drink” of Him. This is why it is important that you also drink this Living Water again and again… and so you will always be refreshed by Him.
The Holy Spirit is a person, He is God. But you can also experience His power, be filled with Him and, so to speak, drink His power.
It is also important for your following after Jesus that you’ll be baptised in the Holy Spirit. That you will be immersed in His power. This is also called “baptism in the Holy Spirit“. On our website I wrote a detailed article about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Please take a look at it, as well.

Next, it is of course also important that you know where you are going. Jesus gives you, so to speak, the map for your journey. This map is the Bible, or God’s Word.
Maybe you’re thinking: “But I have a Bible and I have read it so often, but I just can’t understand it!” This is because we can only understand the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit deciphers the Word for you. And He tells you so to speak: “I explain to you, how to read the Bible. I explain to you what it means.” And then, suddenly, it’s as if the light dawns and you suddenly know: “Hey, now everything is becoming clear to me!”
And you can also ask the Holy Spirit to explain things to you: “What does this passage mean? And what does it mean for me personally?” He will then make the Word alive to you. So you’re not alone on your journey.

Next, I want to show you a mobile phone. It will act as a symbol for fellowship. Jesus does not want you to be alone on your journey. He is with you, of course, but He also wants you to be in contact with other Jesus followers as well. He wants you to talk to them and to share your experiences with them.
You could have fellowship with other Christians in a church. But it could also be a in a home group where you meet with Christians in their houses and read the Bible together, pray together etc.
The best thing for you would be when you look where you can find and meet other Christians in your city or area. I want to suggest to you that it is very important that they have the Bible as their foundation and that they are open to the Holy Spirit.

Then there is also a fourth point. This fourth step is the baptism in water. This means, to be immersed in water. It symbolises that you have given your life to Jesus and that all things have become new. That your “Old Man” was crucified, and that you spiritually died with Him and rose with Him! It symbolizes the death and the resurrection.
The full immersion in the water is the correct baptism, it’s the way how the first Christians did it. On the other hand, the baptism of infants or the sprinkling with water are not correct. Maybe you’re thinking: “But I have already been baptised as a baby, that must be sufficient.” No, please be baptised again correctly and biblically by the full immersion in water. Just find some Christians in your area that can baptise you.

These are the four steps. And now you are starting out on your journey with your backpack.

Of course your travelling provisions won’t just stay in the backpack all the time, you need them on your journey (in a very practical way). Just like on a normal hiking trip. That is why you, for example, need to look at your map from time to time: “Where should I actually go? LORD, please speak to me!”
God speaks to you through the Bible, but also through impressions as inspired thoughts or acoustically audible words, through inner pictures, visions and dreams. He can also speak to you through other people.
On our website you’ll find detailed articles on “How God Speaks”. For example on how to properly test these impressions (namely to check if they align with the Bible and God’s character).
Get to know His voice and learn to hear Him personally! Then you are on the right path. Because He is the Good Shepherd and you are His sheep that can hear His voice.

Of course, it is also important to drink again and again. To be filled afresh by the Holy Spirit again and again. In order to live in His power, just like the first Christians were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. More about baptism in the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts on our website.

As already mentioned, fellowship with other Christians is also important, as well as the baptism in water.

On our website you can read helpful articles on all these topics about following Jesus.

Once again a brief overview of the steps:

The order of these steps is not important! You can be baptised first and then get a Bible. Or you could get a Bible first and be baptised later. Decide for yourself (also in prayer with God), what you should do first. But: All of these steps are important for following Jesus.

Another thing: These steps are not necessary for your salvation. In other words: If you have given your life to Jesus (as I explained in the first part), then you’re saved. But these steps are steps out of obedience. You should take them if you want to obey Jesus. Because He does not just simply send you on the journey, He provides your travelling provisions. These steps are to be taken on a voluntary basis, but Jesus is asking you to take them.

But you want to follow Jesus. He is the Good Shepherd, and you want to hear His voice. You want to know what plans He has for you personally (e.g. your personal calling). You want to know what He is saying about you (e.g. your identity in Him). And you want to share experiences with other Christians and, for example, ask them: “What did YOU experience with God?” or: “What does this passage of the Bible mean?” etc.

That’s enough for now about discipleship… Be blessed!

On our website you will find more helpful information about following Jesus.

Just visit:

You’ll also find free downloads, material to share with others and much more!

Now we wish you much joy and many blessings on your journey with Jesus!


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