Languages Overview updated (May 2022)

We have updated the Languages Overview of the message.

What we have changed and what was added:

  • We have now added the quantity of the languages. Now you can see, how many languages ​​are already available as translations and more.
  • We have differentiated the hyperlinks of the languages ​​in the table (in the language overview) with different colours. You can also find explanations above the language overview and find out what each colour means.
    Alphabetical order: There was an alphabetical order of the languages ​​before, but this is new: we have inserted the letters from A to Z as subheadings. The table now looks better, and you can navigate it more easily.
    The languages ​​are arranged alphabetically according to the English names of the languages, since English is the world language and is understood by most people. We didn’t use the German names of the languages in the German subpage of the language overview.
  • We have published and linked many more new rough translations, more than 40.
  • There are also a few other visual improvements.

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Take a look at the languages overview in its new look:

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