Jesus, shining Star in the Sky

Finger pointing to JESUSJesus, you are the shining star in the sky, the radiant light in the darkness.

Your love and mercy are boundless, your goodness and grace immeasurable. You are the incarnation of God’s love, the Messiah, the Savior, the Healer.

Your life was an example for all of us. With your deep compassion and open heart, you embraced the despised, the outcasts, and the sinners. Through your words, you proclaimed the truth and touched the hearts of people. You healed, comforted, and brought hope and solace to the world.

Your sacrifice on the cross was the greatest act of love ever performed. You gave up your own innocence to redeem us from our sins. You paid the price for our rebellion against God and showed us the way back to Him. You achieved victory over death and gave us eternal life.

You are the Prince of Peace, the Comforter of the afflicted, the encourager of the desperate. You are the rock in the storm, the shelter in the flood. In you, we find rest and security.

Jesus, you are the name above all names. In your name, we find hope, healing, and salvation. You are our Savior, our friend, our brother. We praise you, we worship you, we love you.

Lord Jesus, you are the source of life, the answer to our questions, the fulfillment of our longing. In you, we find the true meaning and purpose of our existence. You give us strength, courage, and confidence. Your spirit fills us with joy and peace.

We thank you, Jesus, for your love that never fades away, for your faithfulness that never fails, for your grace that renews us time and time again. In you, we have everything we need. You are our Lord, our God, our beloved Jesus. Praise the Lord, for He is good!

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(ChatGPT, “Write a praise about Jesus in the highest tones” from German)