Current Reach of the Message of the MFY website (7th August 2022)

Coloured drawing of people holding hand around earth globeReach of the message of the website:

The message is spreading internationally, worldwide.

Masses are reached with the message.

The message of this website (in different languages and versions of the message) reaches ca. 700-800 people daily (!) from ca. 80-90 countries from all over the world! Increasing tendency…

Nearly within an hour several people from several countries are reached with the message.

Current status: 7th August 2022

Please note: The numbers are only relating to the website visitors of the online message. But there are even more people reached outside of the website (offline)! For example through the printed message and through the material from the message (see Media Center and Shops). And there are many more Sharing Ideas for spreading the message. Unfortunately we do not have any offline statistics but only online statistics.

Live statistics

You can find the website statistics about every single website visitor in real-time (live) by clicking on the rotating world globe in the right sidebar of this website (or on your mobile device below this page).

Or take a look at the website statistics here:

Direct link to the website statistics (24 Hours View)

Or as 3D Globe View

Further explanation on the website statistics: Explanation on the website statistics

Spread the message

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If you don’t know the message yet then please first watch it:

Click here:
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(There you can choose the desired language and then watch the message)

You can find many creative ideas for spreading the message here: Sharing Ideas for spreading the message

We wish you all the best!

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