Tips for Bible Reading (with helpful weblinks)

Here we share some tips for Bible study/reading with you. There are many heplful links below.

Our website “Message For You!” is not only about the Bible but the “message” does mean the full gospel of Jesus Christ. Get to know more about the message in different languages on the page: “To The Message”

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Read the Bible online

Websites in English:

    (This site is also very helpful to search for words/topics)

Websites in German

    (This site is also very helpful to search for words/topics. We recommend the “Schlachter” Bible translation.)


Listen to the Bible (Audio Bible)

Websites in English:

Websites in German:

  • Sung and spoken Bible verses
    (From our other website
    There you can also find compilations of Bible verses about different topics, also in text form.)

Other languages:


Free Bible Software 

Websites in English:

Websites in German:

  Other languages:

Further articles about the Bible:

  • Bible (Overview)
    (There you can find an overview with articles about the topic Bible)


Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
Tipps und Hilfen zum Bibellesen (mit hilfreichen Internetlinks)

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