1 Year Message-For-You.net (Jubilee 4th June 2014 – 4th June 2015)

Jubilee 1 Year
1 year ago, on 4th June 2014, we published this website
(see article:
This Website is now online / Diese Internetseite ist jetzt online (04.06.2014)

Yes, it’s yet “just” 1 year. Why writing an article anyway? Are there already some interesting details in the statistics yet?

Well, we all celebrate our birthday, don’t we..?
And if you have an own child, you surely have celebrated the first birthday… and the second, the third…

It doesn’t matter if it is the 1. or already the 10. or even the 100. birthday: Aren’t we all sad if we would just pass our birthday? And even if we celebrate it with nobody: Could we forget the date of our own birthday..?

For this reason we celebrate the 1. birthday from Message-For.You.net today. Small, silent and maybe without big attention. Because we love the “small beginnings” and we don’t want to forget them…
We love the thought of looking back and seeing all the many steps… The change… And most of all the seed that is growing and even more growing…. People who get blessed and those who will get blessed… We love to see the vision growing.

Because first I had this vision in the spirit… The idea that made me (Julia) inspired…
To start a project that will help people to get to know God.
And not only in the German speaking countries (Note: We are Germans and have some other websites since several years)… but also for all humans from all over the world, who get to know the “world’s best message” – and who decide for themselves if they accept the message or not…

The idea was growing inside of me and I wanted “to take the vision from Heaven to earth”, to put it into action.

On the 4th June 2014 the vision was born. Message-For-You.net saw the light of day…

Shortly after that the “screaming stage” began (a lot of technical stuff)

…and Message-For-You.net wanted to eat and grow eagerly (several first posts got published)

But that was not enough. Because also a baby doesn’t stay a baby all the time but it will grow up to a toddler…

And so it is already speaking two languages: German and English

Message-For-You.net is now learning to walk…

And it has already a big goal: To make a round-the-world-trip

By now spreading the “fire” of the “first candle”…

…and to set the world on fire with the burning love of God…

And apropos “Children”:
Soon we want to publish the MFY Childen’s Version that we will also put on our special Children’s Page.

And apropos “Forgetting”:
Maybe you have nice or less nice childhood memories… But even if you would better like to forget your childhood: God has not forgotten you. And He always was beside you…  More in our other article from today: God has not forgotten you!


Read in the following link how the project started and how it is growing: The Story Behind “Message For You!”

And you can also take a look into the Article Archive and below the title “jubilee articles you can read more “jubilee articles” in the future…

You can find all topics in the overview of articles!

Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
1 Jahr Message-For-You.net

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