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2018 The Year of the Dog and an important message!

留言给你!- “Message for you!” in Chinese

In the Chinese Calendar the year 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Especially in China the people celebrate “The Year of the Dog”.

On our website we also have a dog as our “mascot”, Beagle Emma.

And Beagle Emma has an important message for you!

It’s a message about luck and blessings for you personally.
But this message is not for this new year only, but it extends into eternity!

The following message has changed the lives of billions of people. Why not yours also? Please take the time to watch it. It is well worth it.

Look at the message on this page:

There you can read (or watch or listen to) the message in another language.

All pictures about the Year of the Dog:

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Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
2018 Das Jahr des Hundes und eine wichtige Botschaft!