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What is Truth?

What Is Truth Search Find
Have you ever lied before?

Good question, right?

Because every person lies sometime… Be it an “excuse”, an ironic sentence or a joke, e.g. an April Fool’s trick (a joke on April Fool’s Day).

In the most countries people celebrate a special day of lying on 1st April. Some people also celebrate a “Tell-A-Lie-Day” on 4th April.

Many people think that it is okay to lie every now and then. After all (they think) it is typical “human” and everybody is doing it…
And so the most people call it “fibbing”, “cheating”, “faking”, “poking fun at someone”, “faking something up”, “taking somebody to the cleaners” or “to pull somebody’s leg”. Many words for “lying” that sound positive, funny, cute and without any finger-wagging. Because everybody is doing it and what is wrong with it, right..?

But let’s face it: It’s surely not very nice if you are not telling the truth or if somebody is not honest (or not honestly doing something). How do you want to trust a person if you know that he or she loves to lie often? And how do you know if an organisation is trustworthy if there are so many frauds and swindlers?

More precise words for “lying” are: betraying, telling the untruth, to misrepresent something, to deceive somebody…

In search of the truth:

What actually is “truth”?

Is it what the media are showing us? Is it what is shown on TV? But even there the truth is not always presented… Maybe it’s because the truth is sometimes very uncomfortable.

You probably think now: “Oh well, that’s very exaggerated. A little fibbing and a little joke is not bad at all!”

But it shows us that “lying” (or however you want to name it) is human. Several studies have shown that we lie daily. How often and what the lies are about, there are different opinions. The fact is: Everybody is doing it, times more or times less. With bad or less bad motives. Or “just for fun”. But it also shows us:

Nobody can claim to be the Truth in person.

Would it not be pretentious if somebody would say: “I am the Truth in person!”? Could you say that (without lying)?

Inside of truth doesn’t exist lies and deception… And that is a reason that the claim can’t be true… Because even if you have lied once only, you are NOT the Truth in person.

But there is ONE who claims to be the Truth – and He is not lying…

In fact, there is ONE who says He is the Truth. And that for sure! This person even says that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Who can claim to be that?!

This person that claims to be it, is Jesus Christ. It is a fact and a historic proof that “Jesus from Nazareth” lived and worked miracles. He healed the sick, raised the dead, worked several miracles and – He was WITHOUT fault… He came as a human like us into this world but something was and is outstanding: He NEVER lied! No single lie or half-truth were on His lips.

What do you think: Is HE really the Truth?

Let’s see:

If He is the Truth, then…

  • …would everything that He said be true. It would be totally important to take a closer look at His words…
  • …it is about you and your life. Because He also said that HE is the Way and the Life… Yes, He even said that He is God. What great influence in your life could that be if you believe Him?
  • …EVERY person should get to know Him… Because it would be totally important that everyone gets to know the Truth in person!

You don’t want to believe it?

But if He is NOT the Truth, then there are only three options:

  1. He was a liar.
    But why did He heal all the sick, work miracles and teach with such wisdom and might? And which liar would die intentionally for his lie? Because Jesus was completely innocent! Even His accusers recognised that… Nobody could allege that He made a mistake. And they delivered Him to death after the people charged it (without a reason)… So that He could die for us, for OUR guilt.
  2. Or He was a madman.
    But let’s be honest: How can a mad person heal the sick, raise the dead and work such miracles..? Even in a difficult situation Jesus kept calm and He had peace that is not of this world. And how could He turn the lives of several people completely? And which mad person has such wisdom like He had?
  3. Or He just was one of many spiritual teachers.
    Maybe you see Jesus on the same level as other spiritual teachers… But which teacher had such great words about himself? No other teacher said he would die for the sins of humanity. Any other teacher preached a way of enlightenment by own efforts – but didn’t give his life for his disciples… But Jesus called his disciples “friends” and nobody had greater love than He had by dying for His friends.

He said to those who didn’t want to believe Him:

“Can any of you prove me guilty of sin?
If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me?”
(from John 8, 46)

And some more words from Him:

“I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me. ”
(from John 14, 6)

“I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
(from John 11, 25-26)

So what is truth?
Answer: If you know HIM, then you know what truth is!

The question is: Do you believe that? Do you believe Him?
He can and wants to change your life forever! If you put your faith in Jesus (that means trusting Him), then you will discern what “truth” is: Because truth is what reflects His character, His being, His will and His opinion about something! Because HE is pure goodness. If you get to know HIM, then you will recognise the truth.

Please take the time to get to know the truth – Jesus himself – TODAY.

Look at the message on this page:

Message For You!
The World’s Best Message In Your Own Language

There you can read (or watch or listen to) the message in another language. It is NOT about any sect or church, but about a person: Jesus Christ.

The Truth will set you FREE!

I Am The Truth


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