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The eternal Winter is over – A spiritual Spring is coming

In May 2014 I (Julia) had the impression for this and the following time:

While I was singing in tongues I felt that a global spiritual spring is coming.

In a vision I saw that the “snow” will melt by people who will get to know Jesus and be on fire from the Holy Spirit… Thereby the spiritual atmosphere will begin to melt...


The fire of the Holy Spirit and the burning love of Jesus will make this happen.

That reminded me of the movie “The King of Narnia” (or also known as “The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe”) about the country Narnia that is lost in an eternal winter because of the evil witch (=Satan) that is ruling the land. But the true king is the lion Aslan (=Jesus, the Lion Of Judah).
While his chosen children begin to reconquer the land, it begins to melt. And when Aslan is finally returning, it is spring again – everything is blossoming and full of life.


We Christians have responsibility for the transformation of this world!

And I really believe that this transformation (or also reformation) has to begin BEFORE Jesus will return

– and when He will return, He will finally establish His kingdom.


Link to this article in German (Link zum Artikel auf Deutsch):
Der ewige Winter hat ein Ende – Es kommt ein geistlicher Frühling

Be like a burning match to others!

Holy Fire

(picture from www.gospelgifs.com)


Yes, revival begins with YOU!

“Revival is like a box of matches.
A single flame gets passed along
until everyone’s on fire for Jesus!”

(see picture)


Why not start TODAY?

Why not YOU?
Why not NOW???

No excuses!

The same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you (read Romans 8, 11)…

…if you already invited Jesus into your heart!

And Jesus gave you authority to do the same and even greater works as He did (read Mark 16, 17-18; John 14, 12)!

He wants to empower you with power from above (read Luke 24, 49)!

Like the first Christians received it on Pentecost (read Acts 2)!

And YOU can also receive your personal Pentecost!

Let your light shine
and keep the fire in your heart burning!


Link to this article in German (Link zum Artikel auf Deutsch):
Sei wie ein brennendes Streichholz für andere!