Donations in Kind: Material for (Beagle-) Photos and Videos wanted!

In-kind Donations Beagle Dog
Do you like to support this project with an in-kind donation?

We mostly use material for the posts with Beagle Emma by which people find the “Message For You!”.
See page:
“Beagle Emma and the world’s best message ”
There you can see many pictures with Beagle Emma.

Maybe you have costumes on your attic that you don’t need anymore? Or toys from your kids who also don’t need them anymore? Or decoration that we could use in a creative way for photos and videos?
Or you like to buy material for us on good terms, e.g. in the Internet or in a second hand shop?

A short info: We are living in Germany – But of course you can still send us packages if you are living in anther country! More information can be found under “Please note”.

If you are living in Germany (or in Switzerland, Austria etc.): You can see a list of things written in German that would be great here: Sachspenden: Material für (Beagle-) Bilder und Videos gesucht!

Please note about dog food:

  • Please only according to prior agreement!!!

Or also other things!

Be free to suggest us YOUR ideas! We would be very happy about it! :-)

Please note:

  • First a short information for children and teenagers:
    If you want to send us something and you are under 18 years old then ask your legal guardians (e.g. your parents) for permission. Please make yourself knowledgeable about it. (Applies for many countries.)
  • We ask you to contact us via e-mail at first. Then we can be sure that we need your material that you like to send us. Feel free to send us photos from the product via e-mail. If you don’t have the opportunity to take a photo then just tell us what kind of things you would like to send us.
  • Please do NOT send us packages or letters without according to prior agreement!
  • Please note that we do not pay for the expenses.
  • The material can be used (“second hand”). But please in a good condition. If you are unsure about the condition then just ask us.
  • You will give us the material as a gift, not borrowed and not sold. You agree that we will keep the material that you send to us. And you agree that we do not send the packages and the material back to you.
  • You allow us to use the material within the project and for other uses.
  • Please note that we can not offer you a donation receipt or similar forms. The donation in kind will be treated as a gift.
  • Please only write us in English or German. We don’t understand other languages.

You can find our contact details on the page Contact. Please firstly contact us via e-mail, so that we can talk about your in-kind donation.

Thank you for your help!

Julia and Tobias

By the way:
We are also happy about IDEAS for the pictures and videos with Beagle Emma!

More about this in the article:


Beagle Dog Says Thank You

You can find more posts with Beagle Emma and about dogs and other animals on the page:


Link to this page in German (Link zu dieser Seite auf Deutsch):
Sachspenden: Material für (Beagle-) Bilder und Videos gesucht!